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Why does my pillow come vacuum sealed?

The process of vacuum sealing removes the air from the pillow’s foam to allow it to be compressed into a smaller size and then seals it in airtight plastic.

This makes the pillow easier to transport and it’s airtight packaging prevents the pillow from becoming dirty/contaminated during shipping, or just waiting on your porch, meaning that you will always receive a fresh, clean pillow for use.

Does compressing the pillow like this damage it?
Not at all, vacuum sealed foam will always revert back to its original shape, size and intended softness. It just may need a bit of extra time for air to re-enter the foam and cause it to expand. Typically, we recommend leaving the pillow in a well-ventilated area for about 72 hours.
72 hours


How long will the pillow take to regain its shape?

Your pillow should begin regaining its shape as soon as you take it out of its airtight packaging and resemble a wedge fairly quickly.

It could, however, take up to 72 hours for the pillow to fully expand and reach its full height.

Why isn’t my pillow 8” tall yet?
Oftentimes we get customers confused as to why their pillow is just under the advertised height after it’s been opened for a couple of hours. Rest assured that all pillows are indeed 8” tall when fully expanded.

When the pillow is first opened the compressed foam on the surface of the pillow is the first to absorb air and expand quickly, meaning that the pillow will regain most of its shape in the first couple of hours. However, this does also mean that it takes much longer for air to reach the foam towards the centre core of the pillow and expand it to increase the pillow’s height. Please allow for up to 48 hours before measuring the height of your pillow to allow ALL the foam to properly expand.



Do I need to air-out my pillow before use?

You don’t have to air-out your pillow, but some people find it beneficial to do so. Removing the cover and leaving the pillow in a well-ventilated area for 48 hours is an excellent method to air-out your pillow and also give it the time it needs to fully regain its shape.
What side of the pillow do I sleep on?
How do I put the pillow cover / pillowcase back on?