wedge pillow for sleep apnea
How is it for sleeping on your side?

The wedge pillow can be used to sleep on your side as it is quite soft and your shoulder should sink into it. However, a lot of our customers find that placing either their own pillow or a very slim pillow on top makes them feel more comfortable. The additional benefit to this approach (using your pillow on top) is that it increases the height of the wedge pillow and could prove more effective at relieving some conditions. Other customers have also told us that using their own pillow on top of the wedge pillow prevents them from sliding down the wedge pillow. Sliding down any wedge pillow is something that can happen until you get used to sleeping on it. However, after a while you will find that this does not happen, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

How do you wash the memory foam?

Remove cover.
Spot-clean by dabbing dirty spots with a damp cloth or with a soft brush (never paper towels) and mild detergent (e.g., dishwashing liquid). Mix the cleaning solution together until foamy – please use as little water as possible to avoid seepage through the foam. This can create a site for things to grow on.
Stay clear of any harsh cleaners to avoid permanent damage.
If a bad odour is present (e.g. from sweat) spray with Febreze. Spray on smelly area and scrub in a circular motion.
Make sure the pillow is completely dry before use. Dry it outside in the shade (e.g. your patio)

Where can I purchase a pillow case for the sleepnitez 8 inch wedge?

We sell them right here on Just search for pillowcases on our site

Is this pillow non toxic?

The pillow is certified by Certipur-US and OEKO-TEX so it NOT toxic and is free from elements that would harm your health.

How long do these pillow lasts? When is it recommended to buy a new wedge pillow to make sure it is still effective in alleviating acid reflux?

Customer Answer:
I have had my wedge for a while, it’s still like brand new. Very comfy to sleep on and has really helped with my reflux. It has a zipper cover which I have washed and fits perfectly back on the wedge. I recommend.

Does this pillow work?

It works well for breathing issues. It aslo works great if you’re a side sleeper or back sleeper.

Is it good for tall people?

Customer Answer:
I’m 6’1 and sleep on my side. It works for me. I also have problems sleeping on my back, but I am comfortable in that position also. Very good support. The hardest thing for me was learning to sleep at an angle. Hope this helps.