Sleepnitez 8″ Wedge Pillow Alleviates Acid Reflux, GERD, Snoring, Backache, Neck Pain, Hip Soreness

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Enjoy the complete Sleepnitez experience with the all-new Sleepnitez 8″ Wedge Pillow. Featuring 3.25″ of true high-density visco-elastic memory foam, the Sleepnitez Wedge Pillow delivers perfect ergonomic posture support for your head and neck. The Sleepnitez Pillow shapes around you for immediate pressure-relief and instant comfort that lasts the entire night, every night.

  • True High-Density Visco-Elastic Memory Foam
  • Rated Medium for excellent posture support
  • TENCEL® cover
  • Three Year Warranty (upgraded to lifetime warranty when you register your warranty)
  • Dimensions: 27.2″ x 25.2″ x 8″

The Sleepnitex Wedge Pillow provides relief for:

  • Snoring
  • Acid Reflux
  • GERD
  • Backache
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Post-Operative Conditions
  • Coughs & Colds

551 reviews for Sleepnitez 8″ Wedge Pillow Alleviates Acid Reflux, GERD, Snoring, Backache, Neck Pain, Hip Soreness

  1. O.N (verified owner)

    This wedge pillow fixed my acid reflux and snoring. My wife (who bought this for me) has been complaining about my snoring for months and I used to wake up feeling tired and constantly clearing my throat. The doctor said I had acid reflux which was causing the sore throat and that I was a chronic snorer. He suggested getting a bed that elevated itself, but wow, those things are expensive! So we decided to try wedge pillows and after trying and rejecting 4 others, I have finally found the best one for me. It has no chemical smells – I can’t stand them! It is super soft, but can support my weight (I am over 230 lbs). It does not give me back ache or side strain like the others did. Now I go to sleep at night and wake up refreshed in the morning. My wife tells me I have stopped snoring. I used to feel tired all day, but now I feel energized and the best part – the constant clearing of the throat, that used to annoy everyone around me, has gone.

  2. Brett (verified owner)

    Very comfortable.

  3. Melvin Visita (verified owner)

    I’ve been suffering from chronic back pain for years. I’ve tried so many different pillows and non seems to help. I was a little skeptic at first with this pillow because of its odd shape, but I’m glad I gave it a try. I love the support it provides for both my head and lower back. Its one of the most comfortable pillow I’ve slept on in years! Definitely will recommend this to my friends and families!

  4. Debra L Hinshaw (verified owner)

    First night of sleeping with my new wedge pillow was great! It felt comfortable and relaxing, I am positive I will continue to use this every night. I believe this will help with my acid reflux condition as well.

  5. Anilakumar Garimella (verified owner)

    This pillow is the BEST. I have been suffering from neck and back pain from a long time and was searching for a pillow to address this issue. Luckily after trying so many other pillows, I found this pillow and now I am having my best sleep. I would give 5 stars to it and recommend it to everyone.

  6. bob3232 (verified owner)

    does what it says. so much better than sleeping in a recliner.

  7. Phillip Magee (verified owner)

    I got this for my wife who has acid reflux. She was able to be in a comfortable position without disturbing my sleep. After taking it out of the box, the shape went to normal quickly. The cover is washable, which is her favorite feature. The one drawback would be that it doesn’t appear to be water proof. We haven’t tested it to see if it is or not. I was given this item for free in exchange for my honest review.

  8. Gary (verified owner)

    Wedge pillow works well to curb my acid reflux. It is very comfy to sleep on and doesn”t cause any issues with hip or back soreness like other wedges I have tried.

  9. yoregano (verified owner)

    I don’t have acid reflux, so I cannot comment regarding how this pillow may help (a condition touted as being helped with this pillow), but I do like the quality and overall usefulness for this pillow. First, it’s large size means there is ample room to use it/lay on it. The wedge shape is ideal for standing upright for sitting and leaning against it for reading or watching TV. For sleeping, it’s size and angled shape means it is easy to find the right elevation to be comfortable. The memory foam itself seems to be high quality and offers good support with the right amount of compression. For me personally, I think I prefer a more traditional pillow for everyday sleeping situations, but this pillow still has a lot to offer. A minor drawback is that regular pillow cases obviously won’t work with it, though the terry cloth cover can be removed and washed and I think the manufacture does offer a cover.

  10. Allen (verified owner)

    Very comfortable

  11. Steve Kraman (verified owner)

    This is a surprisingly comfortable wedge. If I need to use a bed wedge, this is the one.

  12. AZ JC (verified owner)

    I love this pillow. It is softer than the other’s I’ve tried and my neck is not sore when I wake up. I also love that the bottom end is tapered to almost nothing so there’s not a ridge to bother my lower back.

  13. Sheila Stewart (verified owner)

    I have back problems and my head needs support when I”m in bed so I”ve tried a few different types of wedge pillows and either they”ve been too hard or weren”t supportive enough. Then I found this pillow and I may have only just got it but it”s both the softest while also being supportive. I would buy another.

  14. Philomena (verified owner)

    This wedge is different in a good way from the previous “best seller wedge” I bought. I am a short and needed something for my height. It is a nice wide wedge so that’s fine too. Sleepnitez has produced a slightly softer wedge which fits my head and shoulders better. I sink into it a bit more. I can finally get decent sleep with it vs the other one which was too high and too firm. Am using the wedge for GERD. I put my pillow on top for reading and it worked just fine. Came with a bamboo pillow slip; I bought their cotton pillow slip. Their customer service was very responsive even on a weekend night which was appreciated.

  15. Elsie Faria (verified owner)

    I really like the Sleepnitez 8″ wedge pillow. It is so comfortable and my husband said I didn’t even snore the first night! Laying flat doesn’t agree with me as I have allergy congestion and phlegm, not to mention a degenerative cervical spine. What a relief to be able to sleep better and not have to move around so much during the night. I highly recommend this wedge pillow! Thank You Sleepnitez!!

  16. Nathan (verified owner)

    This review is more about the customer service. My mother, who is currently going through chemotherapy, ordered a wedge pillow in order to make sleeping more comfortable. When she received the pillow, she was under the impression a cover would be included but it was not in the package. I reached out to the company, Sleepnitez, and the got back to me the same day and immediately shipped out a cover for the wedge pillow for my mom, no questions asked. With everything we are going through right now, I really appreciate how responsive customer service was and how easy you made it! It made my mom very happy! Thank you so much! (Just for other users – my mom said the pillow is great as well!)

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The pitch of the wedge is a great, but the pillow was too long for me (4″11) THE GOOD NEWS: This is a well-made quality product; although not for me, I would recommend you give it a try. Reach out to customer service if you encounter any issues, they will make it right!

  18. Rick Carlisle (verified owner)

    I liked it so much that I bought another! One for the house and one for the motorhome! Can’t sleep without it.

  19. Thomas Spencer (verified owner)

    I am using this to recover from a should injury that required total reconstruction of my collarbone. Typically I am a chest sleeper and had to learn how to sleep on my back and this wedge did the trick. In conjunction with the Therapedic Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow Classic Contour Standard Size, I am now sleeping on my back an not trying to roll over on to my recovering shoulder. I am going to buy a second one for my wife that suffers from GERD as she thought the wedge was comfortable as well.

  20. F.lastname (verified owner)

    So far so good. I occasionally slip down the pillow, but that’s on me.

  21. CK Rogers (verified owner)

    Had to get used to it, but works for me.

  22. Márcio Viana (verified owner)

    I love it

  23. tom (verified owner)

    my wife loves it

  24. Jim (verified owner)

    I use this at bed time and it is very comfortable. Very nice height.

  25. Cathy Robinson (verified owner)

    Sleep well

  26. L Hutt (verified owner)

    I really like this product and want to order another pillow for my spouse. It’s very comfortable and just the right height. Love the slim transition to the mattress! Looking forward to Sleepnitez replenishing their stock.

  27. Ronald Eberhardt (verified owner)

    Sleeps great, wife loves it.

  28. Leatha R. Pierce (verified owner)

    This pillow did not work for my neck pain and stabilization but does work for positioning for sleep apnea for my husband.

  29. Thank you (verified owner)

    Totally helped my acid reflux

  30. Justin (verified owner)

    The most comfortable pillow to use for napping and while having to battle a cold. Allow sinus to drain and yet is perfect angle for restful sleep, not too steep.

  31. Candice (verified owner)

    Most of the pillow wedges out there are the polyurethane foam which is smelly and stiff. This has that same foam, but at the bottom for support underneath the memory foam top. It is so nice and cushiony. It molds to your body and I actually look forward to using this product unlike the other foam wedges I’ve had in the past.

  32. LP (verified owner)

    You will love this pillow! It provides support for the upper body at a comfortable incline and prevents reflux so in the morning you will feel great! I don’t cough, need to clear my throat, or feel burning. I am back to feeling like myself in the morning!

  33. Rick Forrest (verified owner)

    Good product, just not for me. Cover is nice quality.

  34. CZFusion (verified owner)

    I recently reviewed my Sleepnitez pillow experience, but wanted to come back and add another Star (6!) to this vendor’s score.If all sellers on were as courteous, and prompt as the Sleepnitez support team, we all would be wanting to add stars to those vendors too!I had some issues with the 3rd pillow. I submitted photos to Sleepnitez, and within hours, a response came back offering to help. A new pillow was shipped at no charge. Additionally, a cotton slip cover I had ordered, had a minor flaw, and it too was replaced.This product, and the company selling it, is phenomenal! I very much appreciate good customer care, having been in that role myself in the past. I know good care, and unfortunately, not so good care too. Sleepnitez deserves your business! The wedge pillows are soft, yet supportive, and the covering (bamboo?) feels great to sink into. It has helped with reflux and sleep problems unlike other wedge pillows I have owned.Thank you Sleepnitez!UPDATE October 2021: Had an issue with the pillow. Contacted Sleepnitez Support. They sent a new pillow and apologized for the issue. Most AMAZED in this day and age, that Customer Support means something! Thank you for honoring your warranty AND for the great follow-through.

  35. Blake Fullen (verified owner)

    soft, supportive, multifunctional. I plan to sleep in on my days off with this awesome pillow. Well done.

  36. JKH (verified owner)

    This is the best incline pillow I’ve ever had, and it doesn’t have any foul chemical odor, even right out of the box! I love the soft memory foam, too. Highly recommend it!

  37. life (verified owner)

    I love to watch it come to life after opening the package. It is so comfortable, I slept like a baby and the feel is so nice and soft.

  38. RPB (verified owner)

    My Doctor strongly suggested that I buy a wedge pillow because of acid reflux… after much searching, I chose the Sleepnitez 8″ wedge pillow because it has a thicker memory foam layer than most. The quality is exceptional; the first night I used it I hardly moved all night. I would never have believed that it would make that much difference…but it did! I slept soundly; I woke up rested, and with less arthritis pain in my back, neck and shoulders than I usually do after tossing and turning all night.

  39. Jo-an Terrizzi (verified owner)


  40. Julie Mowatt (verified owner)

    I needed a wedge pillow for mild sleep Apnea during allergy seasons. This is so comfortable, soft and it works perfectly. I use it with my favorite pillow as well and have slept very soundly with it.

  41. CSH (verified owner)

    Comfort… slept like a baby

  42. Diane S. (verified owner)

    After trying so many wedge pillows that have been too hard, I found the Sleepnitez pillow to be soft and very comfortable, allowing me to get a good night’s sleep. There also wasn’t an initial bad odor like several other pillows have had. I like the fact that the bottom edge tapers all the way so there isn’t an abrupt edge at the bottom of my back. But the bottom tapering makes the pillow very soft for about the first six inches, which means that my lower back is basically flat on the bed. I’ll have to wait and see whether that lack of support will cause any discomfort over time. So far, I like the pillow and would recommend it.

  43. Phyllis Hock (verified owner)

    I really like the texture and comfort of the pillow. It is perfect to help with my acid reflux.

  44. David (verified owner)


  45. Coloratura Kiki (verified owner)

    This is the most comfortable wedge pillow I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned several. You can sleep on it alone, or you can put another pillow on top of it and sleep on both. The pillow is very well made and seems like it will stand up to a lot of use. You can even use it for reading or watching TV in bed. I think I’m sleeping better and far more comfortably on it than I was on my regular pillow alone, and I do love my regular pillow, too! Highly recommended.

  46. Jacque (verified owner)

    This works perfectly to stop late night heartburn.

  47. Gran (verified owner)

    The pillow wedge is comfortable.

  48. nancy (verified owner)

    how much is a good nights sleep worth? Priceless!!

  49. Ayesha N. (verified owner)

    I just received the pillow and am excited that it appears to be helping with reflux.

  50. Tracy (verified owner)

    Very soft, comfortable and supporting. Just want I needed.Love it!

  51. js (verified owner)

    Good quality does what it says very comfortable right height 8in

  52. Tricia L (verified owner)

    This wedge has been wonderful. My doctor recommended that I sleep elevated. I chose the Sleepnitez Bed Wedge because of how it tapers off to almost nothing under your back. I”m so glad I did. I love it and highly recommend it to anyone with acid reflux or any other condition requiring elevated sleeping. Sooo comfortable! Best sleep I”ve had in a long time.

  53. David (verified owner)

    I thought this product was great, just what I needed whilst staying in the USA for three weeks!

  54. R.B. KealeyR.B. Kealey (verified owner)

    I have truly thought a good night’s sleep would elude me. I was was desperate to try anything. I tried stacking pillows 4 inches because I heard this would help acid reflux. It didn’t work. I tried not eating after 7:30 pm….it didn’t work. In desperation, I finally popped the cash to buy this pillow.! While my acid reflux still exists, it has reduced substantially, but more importantly, I am waking up refreshed and rested. I love the pillow! I did also buy the pillowcase so protect the pillow. I will write a review on that also. It too was an excellent purchase!

  55. Sarah (verified owner)

    I bought this pillow for my husband and it does greatly reduce him snoring and most of the time even eliminates it. After he used it for a few nights, I did buy one for myself because I have allergies. I have only used it for one night so far but I think it is very comfortable. I did notice that in the middle of the night I turned over on my side and I normally am a back sleeper but I don’t think that is necessarily negative.

  56. Desert-ed Arizonan (verified owner)

    I smoke, I snore, I’m overweight… and I have a really hard time sleeping a full night in a bed.. Between back pain, snoring, and my sinuses draining causing me to cough. the vast majority of my nights have been spent in a reclining chair of one type or another. Oh how I long to stretch out in a bed and sleep well (sleeping used to be my favorite pastime!). This just arrived today and I’m letting it “breathe” and come to life. I can’t wait to try it out and see if it helps. I will update my review later.

  57. Kayla (verified owner)

    I”ve been using my pillow for awhile now and it has really helped my throat recover from silent reflux. It”s comfortable, however I still use my normal pillow while using it, so I can”t say how it feels without it.

  58. RS (verified owner)

    It works and unlike other wedge pillows it is actually quite nice to sleep on once you get used to it.

  59. Jehilliker (verified owner)

    Just about the same levels of pain, and comfort. Stopped using it after a few days.

  60. JDJD (verified owner)

    Just received my wedge pillow. Haven’t used it to sleep on yet but it meets all the descriptions in the web site. Can’t imagine it not working tonight after playing with other methods to elevate my body but without results.

  61. RubenA (verified owner)

    This was Dr. recommended after husband’s POEM surgery for acalasia. Incline helps keep stomach contents from backing into the esophagus during sleeping. Perfect height, not extremely elevated so you do not slide down in bed.

  62. David (verified owner)

    This pillow is first class quality. I am really pleased with how well it is made. I highly recommend.

  63. Douglas Koo (verified owner)

    Bought this for acid reflux. It was initially hard to get used to. But has worked very well.

  64. chaunch22 (verified owner)

    I’ve only been sleeping on this beastly wedge for a few nights so far, but man can I tell a difference! Instead of waking up with back, neck, and shoulder pain, I awake nearly pain free. I think it’s also helping with my middle of the night congestion and sneezing fits, due to allergies (although I still get hit when I arise in the morning). I’m sure it helps to sleep with your head elevated. I’m a side or stomach sleeper, but I can still make this work, although it’s pretty tough to get used to. Thank god I don’t have to sleep on my back with this. The thought of back-sleeping gives me major anxiety. Sometimes, I slide down a bit during the night, but it still elevates me and keeps my spine aligned enough to where I don’t wake up in pain. I highly recommend this pillow. It’s all about spine alignment.

  65. CaraD (verified owner)

    Comfy enough. No rotten drop off at the lower edge. I’m too lightweight to manage a stiff wedge with a large dropoff. GERD much easier to manage with this pillow, in addition to the obvious diet change and not eating at bedtime of course.

  66. Tess’s family! (verified owner)

    This pillow is really helping my acid reflux. It is a little hard to get used to but I added a regular pillow on top and it works great. The zipper on the pillow was defective. I called Sleepnitez and they are sending me an entire new pillow. That is fabulous customer service. I have tried other wedge pillows but this is the best I have ever had. Will be ordering more for the family.

  67. Millie (verified owner)

    Makes it easy to truly elevate legs and stays put. Helps with blood circulation in legs…Thanks

  68. CJ (verified owner)

    I was VERY skeptical as I have tried numerous devices to stop my snoring at night. Finally, I am getting a good night of sleep and no more complaints from my husband about my snoring.However, it does take some getting used to sleeping with and finding a comfortable head position.

  69. Mike W (verified owner)

    More than I expected !

  70. HoldOn2YaButts (verified owner)

    Very comfortable and helped relieve acid reflux symptoms.

  71. C.S. (verified owner)

    1 day after receiving my Sleepnitez 8″wedge pillow with memory foam, I unpacked it from the tight vacuum cocoon it was wrapped in. I left it out in the air & fluffed it every few minutes. Soon it had taken shape. Next day 8 a.m. I had my 2 left side wisdom teeth pulled. I was driven home & I rested with lots of ice throughout the day. When it came to retiring for bed, my wedge pillow was ready to elevate my head 45 degrees above my heart. I had to sleep elevated for 3 days. On the 4th day, my wedge pillow was so comfortable, I slept on it the following days as well. I am still healing, & my new pillow helps the process so smoothly. It is my first wedge pillow. I would recommend it to anyone.

  72. Marie Pellicano (verified owner)

    I suffer from GERD. I have tried another wedge and could only sleep on it a couple of hours. On this wedge I am able to sleep all night.

  73. Grandma (verified owner)

    This is the my first time using a wedge pillow & I was pleasantly surprised at easy it was to adjust to it. I found it to be comfortable. There was absolutely no issue in regards to odor when it was first opened. I was able to sleep on it the same night. I would recommend this pillow.

  74. Rayne (verified owner)

    This pillow is life changing. I have horrible reflux from a hiatus hernia and my surgery will be scheduled god knows when. I got this pillow to get me through, but now I can”t imagine sleeping with anything else. In addition to keeping the reflux at bay, it really supports my neck and shoulders. I”m a side sleeper, and this is built perfectly for side sleeping. Can”t recommend this pillow enough!

  75. Acid Reflux sufferer (verified owner)

    Purchased this product for acid reflux. Very comfortable. So far, so good. I put my regular pillow on the top of the wedge. It does not slip or slide down.

  76. Theresa Leone Davidson (verified owner)

    An excellent product that is for those who suffer from acid reflux and/or snoring. Wonderful quality item at a terrific price!

  77. Cath (verified owner)

    soft yet firm enough to support me

  78. Carla (verified owner)

    no regrets

  79. RG1956Buyer (verified owner)

    I am happy with everything so far, but it took nearly 24 hours for my wedge pillow to come to is designed shape after being released from the vacuumed sealed packaging. Also it is large and so it’s difficult to make the queen-sized bed with just one, so I’ll probably need to order a second for my wife’s side of the bed.

  80. BGott (verified owner)

    This product was everything that was described it would be. It”s soft to the touch pleasantly firm as good memory foam should be. It came in a very timely manner. We”re glad we purchased it.

  81. bellyjar (verified owner)

    What sets this product apart from the many many other wedges offered is the slice of the wedge. The thin slice at the bottom of the wedge becomes seemless with your bed and there is no uncomfortable transition. Very smart design, very soft, good quality memory foam, no odor. Very happy I decided to purchase from Sleepnitez.

  82. Teacher (verified owner)

    Purchased this Bed Wedge Pillow to help with my acid reflux and sleep apnea. Have used it for about a week and it seems to be working. Had no problem falling asleep with the 8” incline. I am also waking up less meaning I hope it is helping with my sleep apnea. I currently do not use a CPAP machine. Also I read somewhere that elevating your head while sleeping gives you less bags under your eyes and that also seems to be the case with me. That was not why I got the pillow, but that is a nice side effect. It came compressed in a roll, but puffed out fairly quickly. Would recommend this sturdy pillow.

  83. Jennifer Dye (verified owner)

    I bought this for a Christmas gift for my boyfriend and so far he likes it and says it is comfortable! My hope is that it will relieve his snoring at night. He will pile up 4 pillows and it seems to help with his snoring, and I hope this will be more comfortable for him.

  84. Megan RJ (verified owner)

    My 9 year old daughter was having GERD issues. We tweaked her diet and bought her this pillow. Granted the diet plays a part, she says she sleeps better with this pillow and her symptoms have gone away. It took a couple weeks for her to get used to it (I would find her slipped down to the bottom or fallen clear off the side the first few nights), but now she can sleep propped up the entire night. I kind of wish it were wider, as it doesn’t reach the edges of her twin mattress, but it’s definitely working as is.

  85. Gina (verified owner)

    Corrected acid reflux issue

  86. M. C. Thomas (verified owner)

    Product quality is excellent. Comfortable enough to use standalone as a pillow. I purchased this pillow to keep the nasal drip from blocking my throat while sleeping so I can breath during the night.. It is a great help.

  87. Sue (verified owner)

    My husband has really bad heartburn, mostly at night when he’s ready to lay down. I’m hoping this product will help stop his heartburn issues. I also purchased the cover for this wedge pillow. Since he hasn’t received it yet, I don’t know much more about the product or how well it will work. Will have to check back.

  88. Bee (verified owner)

    This pillow is comfortable and easy to sleep on. It goes down into my mattress seamlessly. It is not so high that you feel like you are sitting up. My only complaint is that they don”t make a pretty pillowcase because it needs to sit on top of my bedspread when I”m not sleeping. I would like it to not look so therapeutic. Great buy and I would recommend it.

  89. Jan (verified owner)

    Sleeping on this pillow helped me getting rid of the neck pain I suffered from for weeks.The memory foam makes the pillow comfortable and it does not feel like sleeping in an elevated position at all.I would strongly recommend this pillow.

  90. Danielle Willoughby (verified owner)

    Works perfect for my husband. Helps a lot with snoring. He still snores, but it is not as loud or as long as before.Take product out of packaging and it will rise to exact size in about 1 hr.

  91. Ang (verified owner)

    Purchased due to congestion. Usually pillows very short for tall husband and uncomfortable. He is very satisfied…

  92. D. Harper (verified owner)

    Given as gift

  93. Nana (verified owner)

    As dr recommend, I felt relief first night.Although I do slip down in the bed during the night, it”s still nice to wake with less acid reflux

  94. Al’s Kid (verified owner)

    Good product described accurately

  95. patti (verified owner)

    helps with GERD

  96. Chris (verified owner)

    LOVE THIS! No backaches, no GERD and very comfy. Would happily buy again. Just give it time to expand to full size… 24 hours.

  97. Mary F (verified owner)

    I had dental implants and needed to elevate my head when sleepingWorked great slept well

  98. Karekass (verified owner)

    So comfortable. Really helps with my acid reflux.

  99. SteveE (verified owner)

    Just purchased this pillow a few days ago for sleep apnea. I have always been a stomach sleeper but after starting a cpap machine last week, I’m trying to focus on sleeping on my back. This pillow has helped tremendously after just a few days. My back and shoulder pain have been reduced greatly and I do not feel nearly as stiff in the mornings especially in my lower back. I highly recommend.

  100. edna kiernan (verified owner)

    Acid reflux

  101. cindy dietzman (verified owner)

    The first 3 days I used the Sleepnitez…I hurt. So I decided I would return it after the holidays. About a week and a half later when I realized the cushion would not fit into the box I had – I decided I would try the wedge again. I’m glad i did! I seemed to have adjusted and now I won’t sleep without the Sleepnitez. Strangely it has actually help diminish my carpal tunnel pain..go figure…

  102. RSJL (verified owner)

    Great pillow

  103. MM (verified owner)

    this is the one. get it. You won’t regret it

  104. BW (verified owner)

    Fast shipment and the pillow is pretty comfortable. I wish it came with a pillow case other than what it came with.

  105. NANCY. MACK (verified owner)

    Acid reflex

  106. Nicole Reid (verified owner)

    I recently found out I am pregnant and am already suffering from extreme heartburn. I purchased this because it could be used for side-sleeper, unfortunately I did not find it very comfy for side-sleeping. While the incline was great for keeping acid down, my low back felt a little “kinked” from the angle, and my shoulder (not the one I was lying on) became sore. Needless to say I forced myself to use this while sleeping on my back, which was super comfy (even for a side-sleeper).

  107. daisymaebugbom (verified owner)

    I recently went through some health issues; including gastritis and gall bladder surgery. Prior to the surgery and diagnosis…I honestly had never had heart burn or acid reflux. TMI…but the moment I would like down, I would start burping and eventuall vomit (sorry folks)After gall bladder surgery…I could not sleep. I could not lie on my stomach…and when I”d lie down flat on my back…the acid reflux would flare up and I”d regret it.Luckily someone mentioned this pillow. I used it straight for over three months as I have healed. It is what had allowed me to get sleep. It”s soft but firm and has maintained its shape.Because I am a stomach sleeper and like a softer pillow…it”s not long term use for me…but it worked out great and only took me about three nights to get use to it.

  108. Icebey (verified owner)

    this fellow may have saved my life. I no longer have these episodes at night where I feel like I’m running out of breath and my wife has to wake me up. I now enjoy sleeping on my back with my head elevated and at a very comfortable level. I’m very happy with my pillow, thank you.

  109. addictedtoreading (verified owner)

    Didnt work for me, kept sliding down to horizontal by end of night with a horrible neckache. Returning.

  110. Jennifer Mitchell (verified owner)

    After five days in hospital with a virus, pneumonia, serious breathing problems, I came home with oxygen, respiratory treatments, etc. I knew I needed something raise my head and shoulders like the hospital bed. This is perfect, longer than most so provides a nice gradual slope, and 8inches seems ideal height. It’s firm but not hard like some, nice comfy soft on surfaces. good cover too. Highly recommended!

  111. Phil B (verified owner)

    Thought I would give it a try but it just wasn’t comfortable for me. You might like it, this is very subjective. My cousin’s dog freaking loves it.

  112. denise (verified owner)

    Love the product but it should cost less or come with a free pillow case

  113. Honkomp (verified owner)

    I am a side sleeper 100% of the time and I just had surgery on my right eye and was told to sleep elevated for 5 nights on my left side. Prior to the surgery I tried sleeping in a recliner which doesn’t work for me, I tried different wedges, multiple pillows etc and this was the most comfortable. It doesn’t dig into your rib cage like the the firm wedges and the fact that the top layer is memory foam makes it softer for your shoulder when on your side. I did find that the best way for me to use it was to also use a neck-roll pillow.

  114. TBetz-Bacon (verified owner)

    I use the pillow to prevent gastro reflux. It helps.I am a side sleeper, so the three and a half inches of memory foam make this wedge verye comfortable for my shoulders.

  115. Pooba (verified owner)

    This product is amazing. Very comfortsble. I am suffering with broken ribs and this product certainly helped me try to stay comfortable.

  116. Jrose (verified owner)

    I have two issues that make it difficult to sleep – acid reflux and a crushed vertebrae just behind my stomach. I have tried several wedge pillows over the past few years. I can finally sleep on my back as recommended by the doctor! This pillow is the best for me giving me the combination of support and comfort I need for my back plus the best comfort for acid reflux!

  117. RICHARD BRADLEY (verified owner)

    I have used this wedge for about a week, so far I am very pleased with it. I chose well.

  118. djyuran (verified owner)

    Tried several wedge pillows before but got just neck pain. This one is very comfortable so I use it for couple months every day!

  119. kodemonki (verified owner)

    I have replaced about eight pillows on my bed with this one pillow and maybe one or two small ones for more precise comfort. Husband is happy and so is my back!

  120. Evelyn W. (verified owner)

    Fit under my mattress. Was great to sleep on

  121. Renesdf (verified owner)

    I have had waay less acid reflux since I got this pillow! I used to get it every night and would stay awake for hours in hopes of not getting it. I”d even prop up my pillow or sleep sitting up. Since I got this my acid reflux winded down overtime and now I don”t get it every night, I think my throat had time to heal and now I can sleep. I feel so much better.

  122. Ma (verified owner)

    Just like advertised. Soft yet firm. Easy to use relieves symptoms I was experiencing overnight.

  123. William Cooper (verified owner)

    The have an incline bed at home. I”ve been traveling every week for work and needed something. This thing is great. Could not be happier.

  124. Rhonda Hilton Head Island (verified owner)

    Love the quality of the wedge. I”m a snorer and it hasn”t stopped it totally but has helped. Also got one for my husband and it”s helped his reflux .

  125. Melinda D (verified owner)

    My husband uses it for relief from acid reflux, and I”m using it for support after rotator cuff surgery. It”s so comfortable, the right size for both needs, and it fits nicely on a queen bed. The other person has plenty of room, and it”s wide enough and long enough to support the person using it. We sleep well because it is very comfortable. Other wedges I”ve bought were too stiff. I wish I”d seen this one first!

  126. WH (verified owner)

    The one for me

  127. Sherry (verified owner)

    I purchased this wedge pillow in an attempt to help me snoor less..I’ve used it for 2 nights now and its too soon to tell if its going to work.The wedge is very soft and conforming and has a nice cover on it. Its going to take me some time to get used to sleeping at this angle though.Its too early to tell

  128. Einstein (verified owner)

    Soft yet firm enough. Lifts me just enough to prevent GERD.

  129. eauclairev (verified owner)

    very comfortable

  130. David H (verified owner)

    It works well if you use it

  131. L.Z (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the Sleepnitez pillow. The pillow gave me a uninterrupted sleep the very first time I used it. It”s very comfortable.😁❤️

  132. Rebecca Armstrong (verified owner)

    This pillow is the best for acid reflux

  133. Brian (verified owner)

    I purchased with because I wanted to get out of my recliner and back into my bed during shoulder surgery recovery. It definitely helped me sleep for longer periods of time. Like 2 hours at a time instead of 30 minutes to an hour. Being at an incline helps a lot whether sleep with the sling or not. It keeps everything in proper alignment. I use it now as a back rest when sitting up reading in bed or as incline when lying down reading in bed.

  134. i_luv_dogs (verified owner)

    I got this wedge pillow after a bad experience with a different one made of hard foam. What a difference! I picked the Sleepnitez because the layer of memory foam was the thickest I could find. It is super comfortable to sleep on. As I am a side sleeper, I put my pillow on top of the wedge, and because of the soft memory foam, there is no discomfort to my neck or shoulder. I also flip it over to provide support to my back when reading in bed. I will say that for reading, I do think a 10″ base rather than an 8″ one would be a bit more comfortable.My one issue with the pillow is, because of the size and unusual dimensions, you simply cannot find a pillow case that fits except for their own proprietary one. And I find that their cotton pillow case seems overpriced compared to competitors’ pillow cases. It is $27, which is around $10 at least more expensive than other cotton cases, including Egyptian cotton ones. However, if you register the pillow’s warranty at their website, you get a coupon that goes towards the pillow case, bringing the price down to $21something. So that makes the price more reasonable.Overall, I highly recommend this pillow to help you get a good night’s sleep.

  135. Suzanne Rose (verified owner)

    I purchased this pillow first for my husband; he is enjoying it. He has GERD so needs to elevate his head. It is helping him. I tried the pillow before giving it to my husband. I am dealing with sleeping issues. I am ordering another pillow today for me!

  136. Angela Hook (verified owner)

    GERD 70% better. Soft comfortable

  137. ss (verified owner)

    Very soft and comfortable

  138. Kendr (verified owner)

    While it takes a bit of getting used to sleeping on an incline, this is very comfortable wedge, not to hard, not to soft, just right for me. I also like the width, as I can roll side to side without falling off the edge. and the length as I am 6’5″ and I was looking for longer wedge.

  139. J. Miller (verified owner)

    Bought this when I had to start sleeping in the recliner to relieve my heartburn. This is much more comfortable and my reflux seems to have improved with it. I’m a side sleeper so I use a pillow on it. I do find that my hip hurts a little bit during the night, but that may be more of an issue with my mattress and the slightly added pressure from the wedge. The wedge itself feels typical of a memory foam pillow. The softness of it is just right for me. The cover is very soft and seems like it will easily come off for cleaning. Overall, I’d much rather lie flat on my bed, but given that that isn’t an option for now, this is the next best thing.

  140. N E (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Well-designed and made. Does exactly what the description says it will.

  141. Pamela B. (verified owner)

    I can sleep soundly at night

  142. KJ (verified owner)

    Very well-made and smart-looking. Comfortably raises position of upper body to relieve acid reflux. Sometimes needs repositioning during night.

  143. TonyETonyE (verified owner)

    I love this pillow it’s the right angle and very soft… perfect!

  144. alice (verified owner)

    Not comfortable but the seller was great about letting us return them.

  145. Linda E. Durbin (verified owner)

    Love it. So much better than trying to prop myself up with multiple pillows. Perfect for acid reflux relief.

  146. Jack Gorfien (verified owner)

    Very comfortable. The pillow comes compressed in a pretty small box. It expanded fully in about an hour. Had a good nights sleep with it the first night I used it. So far so good.

  147. dancemom (verified owner)

    I am a 5 ft woman. If I put my head near the top of the pillow the bottom of the pillow is under my butt cheeks. The angle is not what it is suppose to be for the proper support. If I put it to where the bottom of should be and the angle supports my neck properly my head is only 1/2 way up the pillow and I am not getting the benefit of being elevated. I your a average height i think it would be a good product.

  148. ckr0615 (verified owner)

    Been sleeping on this for about two months now. The elevation is great for me and has helped significantly with my snoring and reflux. (Diet is also essential to help with reflux.) The pillow with its memory foam is very soft and comfortable.

  149. AAM (verified owner)

    This pillow is better than its competitors for the exact two reasons it claims:1.) The thick memory foam layer makes it MUCH more comfortable than other wedge pillows, which I found to be unusable2.) The seamless transition into the mattress keeps my lower back aligned properly.Otherwise, the size and angle of the pillow are perfect for me, and its sturdy feel give me confidence in its durability.The bottom line is that I’m FINALLY sleeping well, for the first time in my life! Thank you, Sleepnitez!

  150. Gaga (verified owner)

    I bought this pillow after reading overwhelming positive reviews and have to agree that it does help me with neck and upper back aches that I would sometimes have with my old combination of two pillows. I”m 5″4” and my whole back fits on the pillow, from lower back to my neck, and I can feel the support of this pillow. It also helps me not being congested in the mornings. I”m using it for about 4 months now and I think I”ll keep on using it since I do get better sleep and no aches and clear sinuses in the morning….and as a bonus, head elevation is recommended for GERD sufferers, like myself. My only complaint is that it is not designed or recommend for tummy sleepers, even though I sometimes move to that position, being a stomach sleeper. The pillow is well made, the memory foam is thick and conforms well. I purchased the Sleepnitez pillowcase which tore apart after couple of washes, but I”m still using it…

  151. BenJ (verified owner)

    I have various issues and no memory foam or gel pillow was helping. A couple of friends suggested I try a Sleepnite pillow. When my pillow arrived and I opened the package it expended and was ready for use in about 1 hour. That night I had a very restful sleep and woke with no shoulder/neck pain. My husband said my snoring was minimal so we both were happy. Very satisfied with your product and expect to purchase another one.

  152. Jonny long John (verified owner)

    I’m very picky when it comes to pillows and I expect quality. Honestly, I was about to buy a different pillow when I realized it was made of foam and not technically memory foam. I came across this pillow and figured I’d give it a try. First off, it’s definitely 100% memory foam. It’s not that knock off stuff that only has a layer of memory foam. Second, it’s really comfortable to relax on. I bought it to help with sleeping but I would end up sleeping on my side and it resulted in my back slowly hurting. This isn’t this specific pillows fault since sleeping on your side at an angle doesn’t exactly keep your back straight. So now I use it for sitting up in bed or watching movies on the floor and I’ll admit, it’s comfortable. I usually like putting cons, but this thing really doesn’t have any. It even didn’t smell, like some pillows you buy online do. You won’t find any reviews for this pillow anywhere and it’s by a random chance I came across it, but I’m glad I did.Edit – realized that there is 2 different types of foam used and that the lower layer is much more stiff.

  153. Q-Rock (verified owner)

    Great quality wedge pillow. Has helped a lot with keeping my nightly GERD to a minimum.

  154. onecent121 (verified owner)

    Great quality, very comfortable!

  155. Judith Woodlan (verified owner)

    My husband had very bad heartburn following surgery. This pillow has allowed him to sleep with no discomfort.

  156. Debra Vierling (verified owner)

    Less back pain. Well made product. Wonderful customer service at!

  157. Kay W Grooms (verified owner)

    My husband can finally breathe at night. Occupational therapist recommended this and it has worked great (post surgery)!

  158. Jared (verified owner)

    Stopped my snoring. Don”t use any other product, I have and they didn”t work. This did. Just wish it was made wider for a king size bed.

  159. Sharon Kukich (verified owner)

    I purchased this item in hopes that it would relieve acid reflux and snoring. It did both. It is just the right height, soft and very comfortable. It takes a night or so to get used to it, but well worth it. It is made of very high quality foam and memory foam with a comfortable soft cover. I used the expedited delivery. It came within a week. I am very happy with this product and would highly recommend it.

  160. ZZ (verified owner)

    place your pillow on the top of it and if you are a side sleeper like me you are good to go.

  161. ElizMom5 (verified owner)

    Memory foam gets warm. Could use some more foam at lower back base of pillow since it just curls. Soft pillow case cover. Bought four for family. Use of one inclined pillow is better than stacking. Cushion is firm enough to support the incline and not too firm to cause discomfort. Would recommend as cost effective. Arrived as stated and plumped quickly. No chemical smell. Good product for the price.

  162. Rebekka (verified owner)

    Bought it for my mother’s day since my mom suffers from severe acid reflux and her old wedge pillow needed to be upgraded. The height was perfect for her needs but heads up it does ship vacuum sealed and roll packed so dont use the pillow or place blankets or other pillows on top of it that way it gets enough air for it to reach its full firmness and height for the first 24 hours at LEAST i would recommend 2 days tho trust me its worth the wait. At first we thought it was going to be too soft for her needs but by the second day it was the perfect amnt of firmness … soft enough for comfort but firm enough to hold your weight up and yes it really is memory foam!

  163. Eric (verified owner)

    Years ago I bought a wedge significantly more expensive than this one from a medical supply store, and the foam was cheap and uncomfortable and the cover started pilling after a single washing. I thought all wedges were like that. This one is much better–the 8″ height (compared to the 11″ other one) doesn’t give me back pain in the morning like the other one did, the foam is real memory foam and super comfortable, and the cover is quality. Definitely a big help in controlling my GERD symptoms. I was afraid I was going to have to spring for a super expensive mechanical bed frame or something for a moment there.

  164. noamelia (verified owner)

    Don’t know how I would have slept after surgery without this.

  165. CarolEK (verified owner)

    A very special product that will improve your night’s sleep. Helped me overcome AM congestion and my shoulders were relaxed upon waking instead of feeling tight and cramped. Product arrived tightly packed but regained its shape within two hours. Also NO phony smells like Chinese made items. Nice USA made product at a good price. I love my wedge/pillow! Am thinking of getting a second one to put under my lower legs.

  166. NoNo (verified owner)

    Acid reflex

  167. Frantz L. (verified owner)

    Great product. My quality of sleep definitely improved.

  168. AlisaAlisa (verified owner)

    Purchased to help my lower back, shoulders and neck issues while sleeping. Ordered it and a few days later it was delivered. Very suprised they vaccummed sealed it, but was so cool watching it fluff up in a few minutes. It is very soft memory foam, has a white cover over it. Fits perfectlybon my bed. It really helped me the first night with relief. I do reccommend to others with health issues. I love going to bed knowing im going to be comfortable and not in pain with discomfort.

  169. Mike Slater (verified owner)

    Made in China. Product not too bad, but will try to avoid china goods in the future if possible.

  170. pix (verified owner)

    I got it for my youngest who has really bad allergies and postnasal drip. It works well for him and he’s much more comfortable sleeping. Much less to no more coughing.I just wish it came with an extra cover.

  171. mr (verified owner)

    Sleep at last

  172. Fggfdfgyg (verified owner)

    I bought this to help with the acid indigestion from pregnancy. It works and is comfy.

  173. deyaneria (verified owner)

    I bought this as it was time to replace my previous wedge. I found that i can’t sleep with any kind of regular pillow due to neck pain so I started sleeping without a pillow at all. But when i started having stomach issues i changed to wedge pillow… This one is perfect not to short not to tall. The slope is gentle with no bump where the bed meets pillow if you area a side sleeper… I tend to be a back and side sleeper so I move a a good bit. I don’t slide down even though i’m short. I just wish i could find a cover that would fit it. I haven’t found one yet.

  174. Jeff (verified owner)

    Its a little bigger than I was expecting but it works great!! its memory foam, very comfortable. I am a side sleeper and i’ve slept great these first few nights I’ve slept on it. It has for sure helped with acid reflux.

  175. Linda (verified owner)

    It works very well !

  176. clou4ever (verified owner)

    Works great, love this product when my acid reflux flairs up and I need to use it for sleep!

  177. Steve Swantkowski (verified owner)

    I just received my pillow today and was sealed in tight wrap and went into full shape in about 30 mins. I have not slept on it yet but will review more after I have tried it out for a while. I primarily purchased this for acid reflux so hope it will work.Tried this out for a few days and really wanted to like the pillow. It is perfect while sleeping on my back but not really great for side sleepers. I will continue to use off and on as needed.

  178. pat t. (verified owner)

    Can’t get used to it!! But didn’t return (couldn’t get back into box)

  179. Drizzt do’ Urden (verified owner)

    I bought this to replace my older wedge pillow from another company. Wow! What a difference! This pillow is so soft yet supportive. It’s the best wedge pillow I’ve ever owned. I use it to prevent vertigo because if I sleep flat, I am prone to spells of dizziness. Sleeping on a wedge pillow has completely eradicated my vertigo. I wish I discovered this beauty a few years ago. It’s like sleeping on a cloud.

  180. Mary (verified owner)

    Pillow is very comfortable. It has really helped my acid reflux discomfort at night.

  181. Sagit Halperin (verified owner)

    Even though I received a bad quality pillow the company reached out to the factory to fix it and replaced mine immediately. The customer service was so great. The product is so good too and very comfortable. 10/10 would recommend.

  182. Doreen Balmy (verified owner)

    My snoring, which is categorized as epic by the app I use, was categorized as light. Amazing! I was so sure this would be a fail but wow!

  183. DTthree (verified owner)

    I totally love this pillow and the ordering process was flawless. It does not have an odor and is very comfortable. I purchased it after my doctor said an 8” elevation would help with GERD issues. I will now be ordering the matching pillow slip. Thank you Sleepnitez for a great product!

  184. Jeannie (verified owner)

    Very good quality and worth the price

  185. AC (verified owner)

    Pillwo is great, cover is even better. So soft

  186. Shirley Hubbert (verified owner)

    I read all about this before buying…was looking forward to it..Its hard to lay on. Not much give…usually put a pillow behind my head making it more comfortable..

  187. Richard Reddout (verified owner)

    Love this wedge pillow. It has helped my back pain.

  188. Heather lankfordHeather lankford (verified owner)

    Worth the money its super soft so comfortable love it soft but firm to hold u up

  189. S. Jones (verified owner)

    Hated the old huge hard foam wedge we had. We ordered one of these and ended up ordering a second. Great buy.

  190. Linda (verified owner)

    Wow!!! I did have a great nights sleepThanks!!!!

  191. bandaid818 (verified owner)

    I love everything about this pillow. It’s soft and comfortable. The angle is just right, not too high so it’s uncomfortable and not so low that it doesn’t help with acid reflux. I sleep quite easily with this pillow.

  192. Dee (verified owner)

    Purchased pillow to deal with gerd. Works, and I’m happy. Unexpected side benefit. I have never been able to sleep on my back due to “swallowing my tongue”. Accidently fell asleep while resting on my back, and woke up several hours later still on my back! Thinking about buying another for my wife.

  193. Marc Rothschild (verified owner)

    I love this pillow. It is so comfortable. I particularly like the size. Highly recommend!

  194. William G. Scheller (verified owner)

    After reading many reviews for these pillows, I chose this one. I’m glad I did. It is an excellent product, arrived on schedule, and when I registered it for their lifetime warranty, I was offered 20% off on a pillowcase for it. Clever marketing!

  195. Galvez Air ConditioningGalvez Air Conditioning (verified owner)

    The media could not be loaded.  I just received my two pillows, well packed and sealed. open it was simple does not bring any instructions. they reach actual size after 5-10 minutes. the texture is soft, the interior of the pillow looks like it is a hybrid of two types of memory foam. Today will be the first day to try them for now I can give 5 stars but we’ll see in a few days after sleeping in them. I think it is a good purchase at a comfortable price.

  196. Darren54 (verified owner)

    I ordered this pillow for my husband. He suffers with acid reflux, and he, sometimes, snores. I was hoping this pillow would help him. When I received it, I let it sit out for 24 hours because it comes vacuum sealed in a smaller packet. It, actually, returned to its original shape pretty fast. I washed the pillow cover on the low spin cycle and dried it in the dryer on low. The cover came out really nice. Well, my husband has slept on it for two nights now. He loves it! He has gotten the best nights” sleep he has had in a long time.Well, I have acid reflux, also. And apparently, sometimes, I snore, also. So I tried sleeping on it. I love it! So much so, that I ordered another one for myself! I was afraid that it would hurt my shoulder because I am a side sleeper. It does not. It is very soft, yet supportive. It has 3 1/2 inches of high quality memory foam on top of the other foam, and the bottom, thinner edge, goes flush to the mattress. So it doesn”t hurt my ribs. It is very comfortable. Also, it is very good quality, and well made. I thought the 8” wedge might be too high, but it is not, at all. The memory foam forms to your body and is very soft and it is not too much of an incline. It is just right. I don”t really like ordering things online that I cannot try first, but I am so glad that I ordered these pillows. I highly recommend this pillow.

  197. Beth S (verified owner)

    My husband needed this for back pain and he wanted something soft enough to sleep on his side and it was perfect.

  198. Kim Droge (verified owner)

    I got this thinking it would help with acid reflux. It did, but my back and sides hurt so bad I don’t choose to use it unless I really need it. I would not suggest it to anyone.

  199. Kathy C. (verified owner)

    I am using this pillow for surgery recovery, as well as acid reflux. I was vacillating between the 7″ or the 10″ heights of wedge pillows, so I decided to go with the 8″. That is a perfect height for my use. The pillow also offers good support for elevating legs. My pillow inflated quickly after unpackaging, probably to about 95% of its eventual fullness. It was completely full in less than a day. The pillowcase is thin, so you might want to cover it by wrapping a single sheet around it, or just putting a pillow case across the top only. Otherwise, I believe you can purchase wedge pillowcases separately, but I didn’t think that was necessary. I recommend not just using the pillowcase it comes in, as it looks like it might be difficult to get it back on if you have to wash it frequently.

  200. Donna Stanton (verified owner)

    Pillow long enough to lift my whole torso and no steep angles that bend my back. I have only used it for a few days and really feel good about this pillow.

  201. PBJ (verified owner)

    This wedge pillow has done more for relieving my pregnancy acid reflux than Pepcid, Tums, and dietary changes combined. No more waking up with burning or the feeling of fluid in my esophagus.I put my normal pillow right at the top of it to sleep. AMAZINGLY, I can sleep on both sides and my back now.This is the absolute best purchase I have made for myself my entire pregnancy.

  202. Patricia Ehrlich (verified owner)

    Helping with reflux

  203. Lynnie (verified owner)

    My friend, who is a retired RN, suggested Sleepnitez. She found she was sleeping through the night and not awakened by snoring when using her Sleepnitez. As I sometimes would snore, and have slept more soundly in a recliner, I ordered mine and am VERY pleased with the comfortable all-night sleep. Additionally, the design of the pillow softly tapers so you feel no ridge at the bottom edge where your spine makes contact. That is a BIG plus.

  204. Danita A. (verified owner)

    Came fast and really helped shoulder pain

  205. StephanopoulosStephanopoulos (verified owner)

    It arrived vacuum-packed but with no smell like other products. I put it on my bed and slept 12 hours on it. No aches, no pains. It was a dream come true! Highly recommend it!!!

  206. Amanda EAmanda E (verified owner)

    I love it! I was a bit skeptical about the price but I am glad that I made this purchase. I have bad acidic reflux and after the first night of use I noticed a big difference. Totally worth it!

  207. Stephen (verified owner)

    Took me a long time to make my decision. Glad I made the right one

  208. Nat (verified owner)

    I no longer need antacid drugs. not prevacid anyway I may still need a couple of tums at night but that is it. so it was well worth the money. but it still seems like a lot for a big piece of foam

  209. Wanda (verified owner)

    I have been using pillows to make my own wedge and waking up with back pain. My Sleepnitez 8″ came yesterday and got to full size very quickly. I slept with it last night and no back pain this morning! Awesome! Thank you Sleepnitez!

  210. Charles Stroup (verified owner)

    I suffer from bad acid reflux, and even though I take medication for it sometimes sleeping at an angle is the best thing for me to do. Firm enough to keep me from sinking into it, soft enough that it wasn’t uncomfortable to lay on. Sleeping on my side was a literal pain in the back though, would only recommend for back or stomach sleepers.

  211. Dane (verified owner)

    Great pillow very soft!

  212. Bill Boose (verified owner)

    I have been sleeping in lounge chair since shoulder operation. Now I don’t have to.

  213. J9 (verified owner)

    Just like many shoppers I spent lots of time looking into which wedge pillow to buy. The Sleepnitez pillow is SO comfortable with the 3.25″ of memory foam on top. Nice and soft but still supportive with the firm foam making up the bottom. The memory foam goes from the 8″ side all the way to the 1/2″ point, making it the only foam your body will rest on directly. The tiny 1/2″ edge makes it completely unnoticeable as you’re lying on it as it doesn’t dig into your back or side. The thick layer of memory foam makes it very comfortable for me to lie on my side, sinking in just enough while still sleeping at an angle. I use my regular pillow with this wedge (just like I would on a flat mattress) and I’ve gotten relief from GERD symptoms no matter which position I’m in, side or back. The cover is nice and soft and the zipper works smoothly for me. Upon opening it the wedge took less than 15 minutes to completely expand to a perfect wedge shape. There is a slight foam smell to it at first, but I noticed the memory foam on top lost the smell in under two days with the firmer foam underneath taking a bit longer. (I flipped the wedge over during the day to let the bottom foam continue airing out.) The smell wasn’t enough to bother me and after opening my Sleepnitez wedge at 4pm, I used it that same night. If you’re looking for an 8″ wedge pillow, look no further!

  214. gordon h. (verified owner)

    I have neck problems and because of that not totally comfortable. Otherwise great pillow

  215. Stargaazer (verified owner)

    This is wonderful solution to prevent GURD. Very well made with a lot of support. Comfortable, can sleep on side or on your back. Very inexpensive way to get a better nights sleep. Cover is washable , pillow is not, Can purchase additional pillow cover . I would certainly recommend!

  216. FJL (verified owner)

    I got this pillow for my sister who was complaining about her sore back and neck. She was going to put blocks of wood under the front feet of her bed. Instead, I found this wedge pillow and suggested she try this first. She told me she couldn’t be happier.

  217. pat (verified owner)

    good nights sleep

  218. Lindsey L. (verified owner)

    Purchased this at doctors recommendation for acid reflux. Unfortunately it’s very uncomfortable for sleeping but I do use it daily while sitting up while reading or watching TV.

  219. Judith M. Darling (verified owner)

    I love my Sleepnitz 8″ wedge pillow. Having suffered from vertigo for a while now I decided to try elevating my head. I choose the Sleepnitz because I am a side sleeper and it has a layer of memory foam for more comfort. I have been getting the best night’s sleep ever, sleeping very comfortably on my side, and vertigo has disappeared. I am beyond happy with this pillow. Thank you!!

  220. patW (verified owner)

    It works well

  221. zoombag (verified owner)

    Used for relief of my gastric reflux; I need to be on an incline from my bottom to the top of my head. I’m 70″ tall with 32″ inseam. Not long enough. I’ve made do with a pillow between the headboard and this inclined pillow but didn’t see an option for one long enough to do the job by itself.Width is great and the height feels right also.

  222. Rebecca Bradley (verified owner)

    I have suffered from neck problems when sleeping on normal pillows. I have tried numerous orthopaedic pillows and with no luck. My chiropractor suggested trying this wedge one and I have had great nights sleep with no neck issues in the morning. Really happy with this purchase. Wish I could find covers for it though.

  223. Jasmine (verified owner)

    My fiance snores a lot, and we have tried many things to compromise his snoring and me having to hear it. This pillow has worked the best out of other pillows, breathing strips, tongue devices, and mouthpieces. He says it’s not as comfortable sleeping with because he doesn’t like the incline, but when he does sleep I’ve noticed how quieter he is which makes it better to deal with. The incline keeps his tongue from sliding back which reduces his snoring.

  224. naturallycurly (verified owner)

    I found it very uncomfortable. It came vacuum packed in a small box and once opened, the pillow expands. This makes it impossible to return it once you open it.

  225. Xander (verified owner)

    Real memory foam. Cool at night. Helps you sleep without snoring or acid reflux.

  226. Carl Salerno (verified owner)

    Nice width, good length comfortable

  227. Thomas (verified owner)

    This wedge pillow is the best !!!Had a similar one before this one, it stopped my snoring but was hard, this one is amazingly soft and comfortable, great for anyone trying to end snoring, it really works.

  228. TimmyK (verified owner)

    I bought this wedge to replace another one that was too stiff. I can say that this pillow is comfy. It has the memory foam; so my head, neck, and back, feel the support and contour to the memory foam. Have only been using it for a week. I sit upright when I watch tv and it supports me, I lay it down when I go to bed and it makes my neck feel nice. I do not have acid reflux or anything medical; I bought this for watching tv in bed and sleeping at night.

  229. Scott Harman (verified owner)

    It’s very soft and may work for someone who weighs under 150 pounds, but I’m 220 and just flattened it. I snore worse than before, my neck hurts worse. It’s just not the pillow for me. Just didn’t work.

  230. LB (verified owner)

    Very soft and giving but firm enough to provide support. I tried to use it alone on top of mattress and it was okay. I prefer to have it underneath the mattress and used with my pillow. Good for what it is intended to do.

  231. martysel20 (verified owner)

    As I write this, I am resting on my Sleepnitez wedge. I use it every night without fail and it”s made such a difference in the quality of my sleep. I”m prone to insomnia and breathing issues. Since I”ve been using this wedge, those problems have decreased considerably. I would highly recommend.

  232. Hector L. Alicea (verified owner)

    I purchased this pillow to help me sleep after having shoulder surgery and it was perfect. I don’t think I could’ve had any rest if it wasn’t for this pillow. I had to sleep with an arm sling for 2 weeks post-surgery and the angle and the firmness that this pillow has is perfect. I am so that glad I bought this pillow, I would recommend it to anyone.

  233. Michael (verified owner)

    Awkward at first. But getting used to it. I seem to stay asleep longer so far.

  234. Diane Lincoln (verified owner)

    Every thing I expected.

  235. Larry (verified owner)

    The pillow is exactly what I needed to relieve acid reflux.

  236. Lauren (verified owner)

    This pillow freaking changed my life. I rave about it to my friends frequently. I am a 20-something female who has suffered from severe reflux for the past 8 years and this past year I stopped being able to sleep well. I was waking up at least 3 nights a week throwing-up and in intense pain because of my reflux and other digestive issues. I got this pillow about 5 months ago and now that has lessened that to maybe once or twice a month!!! I sleep so much more, I”m healthier, and I feel way better when I wake up. Thank you SO much- I wish I would have gotten it years ago in high school!

  237. Holly Wojcik (verified owner)

    My husband says I don’t snore as much !! but I don’t hear me anyway HA HA !!

  238. Lily Pendraky (verified owner)

    It took me a while to switch from my regular pillow. I had to stay with it for a couple of weeks and now I love it. I rest better and wake up feeling more rested and don’t have crease lines in my face from cuddling a pillow.

  239. Emmanuel Jacobo (verified owner)

    I now own 2 of these, one for my house and one for my girlfriend’s place for when I’m with her. Very soft, but firm and extremely confortable. Also very versatile and can be used for other things. Worth every single cent!

  240. The Commuter (verified owner)

    I’ve had it a month. At first it help decompress my spine. Now, I am waking up with terrible backaches from pinching. Not helpful. Return window closed so now stuck.

  241. CF (verified owner)

    I fractured my shoulder, and couldn’t get any sleep while staying upright as instructed. I’m 5′, and worried this wedge wouldn’t work because it’s a little longer than some. It works well with 2 pillows piled on top. I’m not at its highest elevation, but it’s enough. This board gives enough to be comfortable. There was no odor. I was using it within 6 hours of arrival. I would guess an item like this would be a huge YMMV, but anyway, I was very pleased.

  242. TV (verified owner)

    Great for side sleepers

  243. Katie in Marlboro, MA (verified owner)

    I have the wedge pillow in the 8″ size. I use it for acid reflux. It is extremely soft. You can use with additional pillows or alone. I also have the 12″ size (other brand) but it is too tall for my neck and it isn’t as soft. There is no perfect pillow for acid reflux (only the hospital type electronic bed), but this pillow comes close. I do recommend!

  244. B.D. (verified owner)

    This pillow has changed my life. I suffer from vertigo (bppv). This pillow raises my body and head comfortably, preventing morning vertigo spells. I”m also a side sleeper, and have always woke up with sore shoulders. Not anymore with this pillow. Highly recommend!!

  245. nana (verified owner)

    just get this one, tried other ones this one is awesome.

  246. Terri B (verified owner)

    I had bought a wedge shaped pillow from BB&B a few months ago and it was too high off the bed and it didnt taper down near the waist area so it bothered my back. It was also uncomfortable to lay on. This one tapers perfectly so theres no gap at your waist, its soft but not too mushy and I like that I can use my own feather pillow with it and not have my head too elevated. I had labored over which wedge pillow to get and Im really glad I selected this one.

  247. Emoke Gaidosch (verified owner)

    Great quality, helps a lot with reflux

  248. Mike M. (verified owner)

    I have had horrible reflux for years and then very recently I thought I was having heart problems – nope! It was all from reflux. These pillows have really helped. I purchased one to just try it out and within days all the symptoms have been relieved. As a result as I purchased a second one. However, if you are having heart problems – go to the doctor! (I did go myself to find out that nothing was going on.)

  249. Joan1 (verified owner)

    This pillow is nice, but a little to high.

  250. AH (verified owner)

    It works!

  251. Korcek (verified owner)

    Helps stop my reflux on nights when it happens. Very comfortable.

  252. teacher (verified owner)

    I liked the item

  253. lauraL-R (verified owner)

    This is great. I was concerned that so much memory foam would take too much height away for the pillow when you laid on it, but I was wrong, it just makes it super comfortable. I use this for GERD and it”s very effective. At the same time it”s easy to fall asleep on, because it”s soft like a relaxing hug.

  254. Garden Cat (verified owner)

    Essential for an Esophageal Cancer patient. It creates an incline for comfort and provides firm support. There is some sliding down but that may be caused by the protector cover that I purchased from the computer and the pillow cases I made for it.

  255. W (verified owner)

    I cannot find the warranty anywhere

  256. al ridgway (verified owner)

    My husband had open heart surgery. He used the month for a month as your head need to be elevated when sleeping. It served it’s purpose well and worth the price. It’s soft and comfy. The only negative is that it’s a bit too big for a Queen size bed and a bit bulky. But that’s likely needed for the proper elevation.

  257. Jackson Dean Chase (verified owner)

    This is a great wedge pillow! For my money, it’s absolutely the best you can buy. It comes packed well, expends to full size instantly, and has NO weird chemical smell so you can use it immediately. It’s soft but no too soft, always returns to its original shape in seconds, and is totally comfortable. It comes with a zippered, washable case (I haven’t tried to remove it yet though).The pillow’s bottom sits flush with the mattress, so you won’t even know it’s there. That means NO PAIN, especially for predominantly side sleepers like me. It’s also perfect for back sleepers; I’ve tested that position too as I usually nap on my back (but sleep nights on my side).The only downside to this product is the box art is badly dated; In fact, I found the box art so unappealing and “as seen on TV” ’90s looking, that this was the LAST pillow I researched. After two days and exhausting all my other options, I finally clicked this one out of sheer desperation. The reviews won me over. I crossed my fingers and hit the order button. The pillow shipped fast and lived up to all the hype! So if the company is reading this review, congratulations on making the perfect pillow! Now please update the box art so people can see the quality BEFORE they order. I’m sure it will increase your sales and stop people like me from scrolling past.UPDATE (January 25, 2021): Been sleeping and napping on this pillow for months now and still LOVE it. I did eventually remove and wash the case… As suspected, it was annoyingly difficult but not impossible to put back on.

  258. Edna Brannon (verified owner)

    Very comfortable and relieves me of acid reflux.I had a cheaper one several years ago and could not sleep on it so it took a long time before I was ready to try another one. This one is works really well. I”m very happy with this pillow.

  259. Alaska Nurse (verified owner)

    It is an adjustment to get used to sleeping on a wedge, but it seems to really help. I have had no episodes of choking in the two months of using it.

  260. RQ (verified owner)

    Nothing l would dislike highly recommend very nice pillow comfortable, pain relief, very soft. It feels good in my back, neck, all over it’s multi purpose use Love it.

  261. Tracy Markley (verified owner)

    Love!! Exactly what I needed.

  262. Kay T. (verified owner)

    I”m very happy with my Sleepnitez wedge. Great quality compared to some of my purchases over the last few years. This wedge is just the right firmness and height for me. Also the Sleepnitez Customer Service group is very responsive and courteous from my recent experience.

  263. Kim Feith (verified owner)

    This pillow is amazing. Its soft and firm all at the same time. Has held up great. I’ve had mine for well over a year now. Still love it!

  264. Lucy (verified owner)

    It was totally amazing that such a small amount of slope has has such a great effect.I now sleep long enough to enter REM

  265. mother of two (verified owner)

    These pillows are for use post surgery and are perfect! Thank you very much! Fast shipping too!Will recommend and I have purchased a 2nd one for a family member who needs to sleep at an incline too.

  266. Sharon Novakovich (verified owner)

    Used after rotator cuff surgery. I had to prop it up a little higher to a 45 degree angle for awhile. Perfect transition to sleeping in a bed after surgery. So comfy and I am very picky!😄

  267. Terry (verified owner)

    Bought these for our camper bed to mimic our bed at home and we are very pleased with them! They are soft and comfortable! There is no ridge at the bottom. In fact, you can”t tell where they end and the mattress begins!

  268. Saint Aug, FL (verified owner)

    This is comfortable but when I wake during the night and morning, I find that I have settled in much lower on the ramp.

  269. Michelle R (verified owner)

    I really wanted to love this pillow! Is is really soft ( in a good way) and comfortable, no bad smell, and a good size. The problem was I am a side sleeper and it is just too high. I would slide down and end up in pain by the morning. It was also really complicated to sleep with a pillow sleeping on your side with it being so much on an angle. I think if you are a back sleeper or tall ( I am only 5″6”) this would be amazing to sleep on! I am also not a small person ( over 200 lbs) and it supported me well even though it was soft. I was so impressed when I reached out to the company that I had to write this review. They got back to me right away and did everything they could to make me happy. That is not something you see enough these days. I hope they make one 1/2 the height and I would buy it in a second! (Please! 😀)

  270. Mary Carol Farber (verified owner)

    I have GERD and this wedge is a life saver- thank you👏I recommend it highly 👏

  271. Anna Bird (verified owner)

    I bought this pillow for GERD relief. I am a side sleeper and I read the reviews from others who found it comfortable for side sleeping. It is great. Just soft enough yet firm. I use a half-moon pillow with it. I’m totally pleased with the purchase.

  272. Megan (verified owner)

    It”s soft and great memory foam . Not too firm at all .Healed my back pain and helped me sleep in a better position. Also helped with my GERD.Thank you !!:)

  273. Ty (verified owner)

    Thank you the sleeptinez pillow had saved my son”s life. He was diagnosed with seizures that only happen during his sleep mostly at nights. He is on meds by the way. Almost every night , his stomach acid would go up into the larynx cutting his air supply and making him choke. So I had to sit him up so the stomach acid would go down. Now he is able to sleep well , because the stomach acid won”t reach up anymore. God Bless you always!.

  274. Customer (verified owner)

    Love it

  275. Patricia F Hughes (verified owner)

    This pillow works. I no longer 😴 snore.

  276. Johnsz (verified owner)

    My wife had surgery and needed to sleep a bit propped up. This pillow is as advertised. However, as it turns out, the angle wasn’t what my wife needed. It’s good quality, and a good quality cover. Pretty comfortable, memory foam as stated. The only reason for not 5 stars was that it didn’t work well for my wife.

  277. Sheila Book (verified owner)

    This pillow is great for pain relief, comfort and softness. He is sleeping so much better

  278. WesWes (verified owner)

    For years I’ve tried to find the perfect pillow combination for my head. I have about 12-15 different pillows on my bed at any given time. All the pillows are different shapes, sizes, and filling material too so you can just imagine the variety of combinations I’ve tried. Regardless of all the combinations I’ve tried, I’ve still awoken in the middle of the night to hands and arms that are numb because of sleeping on them, pillows that have moved across the bed and even pillows that have fallen on the floor. I dunno about you but once a pillow has fallen on the floor then it’s staying there until I wake up in the morning. I’m happy to say that this pillow solved most  of my problems for me… But there is one thing I had to change and that was that I could no longer be a side sleeper with this wedge pillow. Now, I am not saying that you won’t be able to use this pillow if you’re a side sleeper but I feel like it definitely works best for back sleepers. I’ve never understood how people could sleep on their back but I’ve also never owned one of these types of wedge pillows until now. Now I am hooked on sleeping on my back! It does take a little bit of getting used to if you decide to start sleeping on your back especially when you’ve been a side sleeper for over 25 + years but if you’re patient then it will be well worth the acclamation period.One final thing that I’d like to mention is that I still use soft memory foam pillow on top of this wedge.This pillow does have two layers of foam, one soft layer and one firm layer. (Check out the picture below to see the different layers.) That being said, this wedge is pretty firm and doesnt sink down which is great for my back, neck, etc but I still love the feeling of my face slowly sinking into a fluffy memory foam pillow, so therefore if you like soft pillows then I definitely recommend using your favorite pillow in combination with this wedge.

  279. Wanda J Cline (verified owner)

    Has helped my reflux

  280. Mrs.Anywho (verified owner)

    I have only used for a few nights. Unfortunately, so far no relief of my gerd symptoms, which is what I bought it for, but I must say it is very comfortable. I have tried a few other wedge pillows and quickly returned them because they were so uncomfortable. I am a side sleeper and this thing actually helped my hip and shoulder pain. My husband also reports I am not snoring as much so bonus there as well.

  281. PJH (verified owner)

    Some relief but still need to monitor progress.

  282. brenda (verified owner)

    Just the right height

  283. christian campbell (verified owner)

    So I bought this for my bf. He snores like a bear! It has def reduce his snoring and how loud it is but not always haha but I”m still happy with it. I have bad acid reflux and I love it so much. I use it in bed or sitting on the couch (helps with posture and back). I plan on getting another one for myself.

  284. Goldess (verified owner)

    Not a bad product, no smell either, but I personally found it to be much firmer than expected given the description, so knocking off a star. It ended up being a return for me, but could work for someone looking for a firm pillow.

  285. Susan Robison (verified owner)

    I bought this product because I sometimes get heartburn. Also, because I read in bed at night before going to sleep. This wedge pillow is far too large, both in width and in height. It worked out good while laying on my back while reading. Also helped my heartburn. But when I was ready to go to sleep, I turned on my side and could not get comfortable. It is very stiff and does not conform to my body. My head was bent in an awkward position. So I went back to my usual pillow for sleeping.

  286. Elaine S. (verified owner)

    My sinuses are blocked most of the night and a friend recommended I purchase a Wedge Pillow. The Sleepnitez 8″ Wedge gradually flattens out preventing lower back pain from too high of a wedge at the mid back allowing for a comfortable sleep. The Wedge Pillow definitely helps keep the sinuses open or as well as expected depending on my sinus condition on a particular night compared to a normal pillow.

  287. Chanel (verified owner)

    The best wedge I”ve found. I”ve tried a lot of wedges – the angles are either not right, they”re not high enough, or they”re hard as bricks. This wedge is a decent height, very soft yet sturdy, and has an angle that feels natural when laying down. It”s absolutely kept me safe from aspiration pneumonia! Don”t forget to buy a pillowcase!

  288. akirkelie (verified owner)

    This pillow is huge. My husband snores, so far it has not stopped him, because he will not sleep on it right. He sleeps on his stomach and pushes it up again the bedpost and defeats the purpose. I think is it very well made and great for side and back sleepers. Not so much for stomach sleepers.

  289. ILoveToBake (verified owner)

    Does absolutely nothing for my husband’s snoring.

  290. csl (verified owner)

    I bought this because I needed a little incline with a comfortable area for my back. Works perfect.

  291. John Hyde (verified owner)

    Works great my wife isn”t angry at me anymore

  292. June M. (verified owner)

    How can I keep from sliding down to the lowest edge of the wedgeduring my sleep, therefore not truly getting any benefits exceptwhen I first get into bed and at the top of it.

  293. Daver (verified owner)

    I”ve suffered from GERD for many years and tried other, cheaper wedge pillows, none of which worked. This time, literally after the first night, I had tremendous relief. I couldn”t believe it. Everything in the description is accurate except that I found sleeping on my side wasn”t comfortable. That really doesn”t matter to me because, with GERD, you should sleep on your back anyway. Maybe sleeping on one”s side will work for other people. I highly recommend this pillow.

  294. Gena (verified owner)

    Great product and service.

  295. Tammy Dominick (verified owner)

    Cannot say enough wonderful things about this wedge pillow! It has helped my husband to stop snoring at night! I have never been so thankful! Wish I would”ve bought one years ago!

  296. Julie (verified owner)

    was skeptical at first, but pillow is comfortable and really helped my acid reflex. Got a good night sleep the first night I used it. Love it !

  297. Tony Black (verified owner)

    I like the fact that the pillow has a graduate incline. This makes it easy, unlike stacking pillows that have an immediate 90 degree incline.

  298. Antonio (verified owner)

    My husband is always complaining that I snore loudly. I admit that I have caught myself more than a few times. I’ve tried several things and none worked consistently until now. I’ve had this pillow for a few weeks and “no snoring”! I’m a side slerper and it took a little getting used to the first week, but now I’m very comfortable. It’s perfect.

  299. Nicole (verified owner)

    Purchased this pillow after my husband did research and found this to ease my Gerd symptoms and help me sleep. I typically wake up with a sore throat and hoarseness…I’ve used this pillow for 2 nights now and have yet to wake up with a sore throat! So relieved that I’ve finally been able to get a decent night’s sleep. I also have a herniated disc in my neck and find that this pillow doesn’t cause me neck pain at all. I am a side sleeper, so i took the advice of the other reviewers, and placed a thin pillow under my head when sleeping on my side. I also find that using a body pillow against my side helps alot as well.

  300. Nicole (verified owner)

    This was perfect for my husband’s snoring. He has been using a couple of pillows to lift him up for snoring. I reviewed many wedge pillows before deciding on this one. It lofted very quickly after receiving it tightly packed in a small box. He used it the same night. I am very sensitive to off putting odors and there is absolutely no odor what so ever.

  301. Becky S (verified owner)

    Immediate relief from snoring and acid reflux! The wedge is quite solid for a pillow, but it consequently maintains it”s shape quite well. I bought the optional pillow case – perfectly fitted to the pillow.

  302. EVELYN JOYCE (verified owner)

    If last nites sleep is any indication of how well a nights sleep a person will get with this pillow, WOW ! I suppose its alittle premature but im fairly positive that this pillow is it for me. I bought it for acid reflux, however the excellent sleep it afforded me was also unparrellel to any other pillow to date..i will say i used my regular soft pillow on top just to fill in the neck gap due to the wedge shape, of course and i just ordered the 100% cotton case for it as i will be keeping this wedge…Absolutely wonderful !

  303. Carol M. (verified owner)

    Slept like a baby the first night using this pillow. Had to return a more expensive, adjustable wedge pillow that was just too hard causing more pain rather than relieving discomfort.HIGHLY RECOMMEND !

  304. Kenneth R. Reeves (verified owner)

    I have a health condition that causes my oxygen levels to drop at night when I sleep. Part of the problem is my snoring. This also contributes to a restricted airway. This pillow has dramatically helped my snoring. I no longer wake up as many times at night. My wife is very pleased. So much so that I purchased her one. We both love how comfortable the pillow is. We have tried other brands of wedge pillows and was reluctant to try again. You can purchase an adjustable bed frame for $2800.00 plus mattress or purchase this pillow that does the same job. My money goes to Sleepnitez!

  305. Bee (verified owner)

    Purchased two of these wedge pillows and put under my mattress to aide in acid reflux. I have had surgery for this, but still have problems especially if I eat something just before going to bed. I have had these pillows under my mattress for a week and they are really working. Very pleased with results.

  306. Chicago Book Lover (verified owner)

    Has really helped my acid reflux and stuffy nose. It is pretty soft/comfortable. I would give it five stars (instead of four stars) if it didn’t get really warm after a few hours. Bought the expensive cotton pillowcase for it ($27). Hope it helps. I use a regular pillow on top of it at times. Glad I bought it.

  307. HeatherL (verified owner)

    This has greatly reduced my sleep apnea and the 8″ feels like the perfect height for me. I do still use a pillow to support my head because I am a side sleeper. The amount of memory foam makes it feel very comfortable but still sturdy enough so that it holds my weight.

  308. Roberta Clark (verified owner)


  309. PatrickPatrick (verified owner)

    When i saw the box, I was worried that the pillow will be deformed since this is my biggest concern. However, the pillow is vaccum-packed and stored properly. After opened, the shape is being retained. I went to wash the cover before trying.It is comfortable and my sleep has been reasonably well. As I have been suffering from sleep apnea for years, it is still early to say if this help with my condition.Will recommend others to give this a try.

  310. Paco Rabanne (verified owner)

    If you suffer from GERD, anti-reflux, or simply want to keep your head up higher than your body when you sleep (perhaps because of sinus pressure, snoring, etc.), then this pillow is for you. I bought it because of severe GERD and it was an immediate hit. In fact, it has become so comfortable, I sleep with it all the time now. My wife wanted one too, and ordered it another without hesitation. (I had purchased another brand, but returned it because its quality did not compare to this).

  311. imdianemichelle (verified owner)

    I bought the pillow to help with snoring and it has greatly reduced my snoring. My husband can sleep with me now.

  312. VDEL (verified owner)

    Very comfortable.

  313. Nana 5 (verified owner)

    I purchased this for an upcoming surgery. I have to sleep at a 40 degree angle x30 days. I wanted to try and get used to sleeping at an incline before surgery. It is very soft and comfortable . I placed a pillow under knees to prevent sliding down. (5″2”) and to keep my legs elevated . I use a small pillow on top of the wedge . Pillow arrived promptly. I unpacked it and the pillow expanded immediately. Slight(faint) odor – not overwhelming – but disappeared by the next day .

  314. NDE (verified owner)

    Read the description, you can see why it is better than the rest. And so it proved.

  315. Trey Littell (verified owner)

    It is too steep. I literally roll off of it in my sleep to try and avoid the discomfort and almost fall off the bed or roll onto my wife.

  316. Sandi J (verified owner)

    I love this pillow. It hasn”t cured myAcid reflux but it has controlled it to the point where I can actually sleep in my bed all night long. It is comfortable and doesn”t bunch up like regular pillows. I can”t recommend it highly enough. I wish you had six stars!

  317. Baba O’Riley (verified owner)

    This replaced a traditional wedge pillow made with foam. That foam would also double as concrete. Concrete wedge pillows must have been the rage back in the early 90s. This memory foam is like sleeping on a cloud. A difference of night and day. Which is good cause I sleep at night. Overall very happy with this purchase.

  318. Sharon A. Dolphin (verified owner)

    I wish I would have bought this years ago. It is so comfortable, I can sleep on my side or back. My husband said I don”t snore as much, and if I do it is much quieter. I use to get up sometimes 5 times a night, because I would wake myself up snoring, now I sleep through the night. I think it is amazing.

  319. TRC_Editor (verified owner)

    My expectations for the pillow were low when I purchased the device – I just hoped it would help to alleviate any one of the many pains I’ve suffered long-term in my back, neck and legs. After the first night I used the pillow, I was completely disappointed – I searched the AMZ website and began to make plans to return it as quickly as possible. The next three days, it sat at the foot of my bed — until, I decided to give it just one more try. Well, several days later I’m now convinced that whatever the technology is in the design of the Sleepnitez – I will NEVER consider sending back the pillow. For the most part, after almost a week using Sleepnitez, most of the debilitating pain has disappeared and I’m even back to taking 5000 step walks! I have no idea why or how the pillow does its magic — I’m just so very grateful to be pain free for the first time in over a decade. Once the pandemic is over, whenever I plan a trip – domestic or abroad that includes a lengthy stay – there will be room in my luggage for a box containing a new Sleepnitez pillow. A personal note of thanks in closing to the developers of this wonderful device that eliminates pain and by doing so also makes it possible for their customers to positively change their lives!

  320. kim (verified owner)

    I like the packaging. No smell. Use for here acid reflux. Came in 2 days great. Pillow a lil too hard for me. But I am still satisfied. Would definitely recommend to others.

  321. VickyW (verified owner)

    I found this to be an outstanding pillow. Nice big size, the perfect comfort level between support and softness, tapers seamlessly down to the mattress with no noticeable edge. I am very sensitive to smells and didn’t notice anything that bothered me. It is definitely helping with my acid reflux. That being said, I think you will find it most helpful if you normally sleep on your back. I prefer to sleep on my side, and I find that doing so while using this pillow puts your body at an awkward angle that inevitably makes my shoulders start to hurt. If I stay on my back I can manage for awhile but my body wants to turn to the side. While on my back I find that my legs involuntarily tense from wanting to keep my torso up at that unfamiliar angle. I am a 5’4″ woman. For me I found a great compromise. I put this pillow down if I am feeling like the reflux will be a problem and start out with it. This keeps the reflux at bay and then in the middle of the night when inevitably I need to make a bathroom trip, I take the pillow out and sleep on my side. Works great for me. The pillow itself is pretty awesome.

  322. IlanaD (verified owner)

    This wedge pillow is the right height, firm enough and soft enough. It”s helped enormously with my reflux, and unlike others I”ve tried, maybe because of the softness, it doesn”t cause pain in my lower back.

  323. CK (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE this wedge pillow! I purchased it this Spring due to severe allergies with horrible post nasal drip, on top of chronic GERD. It is SO comfortable and soft. It has a tapered tip, so no lumps where it hits the bed, and it beats the neck pain from sleeping on 2-3 pillows!I liked it so much that I purchased a second wedge to keep at my bf’s house!If you are looking for a comfortable wedge pillow, you have to try this out!

  324. Karen (verified owner)

    This product is a great value for the money. Pillow is good sized, but not too big. 8″ slope is just the right amount to provide elevation but still be able to sleep on your side. You don’t feel like you’re sitting up in bed. Pillow is soft and comfortable. I will buy another when my current pillow wears out.

  325. Yolanda Perry (verified owner)

    To hard

  326. Valerie (verified owner)

    I bought this pillow as everyone said how it help with headaches, body aches and sciatic nerve pain. I am writing this review to let you know it is a miracle worker. I have woken up every morning for the past 10+ years with a headache and most recently body aches. Since day one of using this pillow I have not woken up with either. I am 100% honestly saying this. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. One very happy customer

  327. Sara Bear (verified owner)

    Super soft, which is what I was looking for. Just about everything hurts to sleep on. This pillow is not firm but does offer support and a good head height for back and side sleepers.

  328. SM (verified owner)

    gerd relief

  329. Susan K. (verified owner)

    I bought this for snoring relief. My husband says it’s working. Like other’s have mentioned I do slip off it during the night so I have to crawl back up it quite a few times. I’m guessing it’s because I do use a pillow with it but it’s not comfortable for me on it’s own. I’m hoping over time I will get used to it so I am keeping it.

  330. Gustavo (verified owner)

    Could be softer when you sleep on the side.

  331. carrie (verified owner)

    Tried many, setlled for this

  332. Sue (verified owner)

    After laying for a while, felt pressure on my buttocks and legs.

  333. marnie (verified owner)

    Worth the money. The others are hard and uncomfortable.

  334. MVF (verified owner)

    Best sleep wedge I ever tried. I tried several. They all made my pains worse. This one is so comfortable. I’ll never try a different one again.

  335. Ruby Baker (verified owner)

    This wedge pillow, along with diet changes, has completely done away with my acid reflux!!! I have slept comfortably & much better since using the wedge pillow, waking only once for bathroom use & then right back to sleep. Before I was waking 3-5 times, staying up for a while & then trying to get more sleep. I am giving this product 5 stars!

  336. Mark from Wildwood, MO (verified owner)

    Nearly perfect.The degree of incline is right on as well as the 8″ increase.The pillow taper to the bed is outstanding. Very comfortable.The combination of materials used provided plenty of support (I weigh about 160lbs) and comfort.This wedge pillow significantly decreased the discomfort and accordingly increased the quality of my sleep. Wearing an Aspen Vista neck collar to bed is not comfortable on a regular bed or sleeping in a reclining chair. The collar, excellent for its purpose, presses on the back of your neck in either of those sleeping situations which ranges from uncomfortable to painful.I will be glad when I recover from the surgery. However, I will ceremoniously discard the collar, but I will be keeping this pillow.

  337. Vivian Pickett (verified owner)

    My husband has slept better since receiving the wedge pillow. No acid reflux.

  338. Dave (verified owner)

    Helps me to sleep.

  339. Miguel Carlo Colon (verified owner)

    For my back pain .

  340. catherine mirabella (verified owner)

    Just what I needed for my acid re-flux. It is good quality at a good price.

  341. RSY (verified owner)

    I wish it came with a cover. It’s fine.

  342. Betty L. Driggers (verified owner)

    I’ve slept on It for a couple of nights so far it’s helped my acid relief tremendously. I bought 2 for my husband and me, we have a queen bed they fit perfectly across it and they are comfortable. They are 100% better than stacking pillows, my neck doesn’t have that kink that I had stacking pillows. Very good product.

  343. Theresa Franco (verified owner)

    This product is very large and comfortable. I would like to be able to find a “pillowcase” to fit it but a crib sheet does the job. I would order it again and recommend it to anyone that has acid reflux or Sleep Apnea or just plain likes to sleep with your head elevated.

  344. Smoozmooz (verified owner)

    The base foam in this wedge is very supportive but the best part is the 3″+ memory foam on top. It is soft but supportive so you don’t wake during the night with sore sholders. The very low transition with the mattress is virtually unnoticeable.

  345. John Winn (verified owner)

    I just receive the Sleepnitez wedge. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I used it for the first time last night , and had the best night of sleep in YEARS! I have degenerative disc disease in my upper spine, and when I lie flat in bed, ridges in my vertebra pinch major nerves and cause extreme pain in my chest and down my arms. I tried shoving SIX pillows underneath me – that sucked. I had relinquished to the situation and even tried to sleep sitting up, which was impossible. Your product put me at the perfect angle. My head was not too high, and I wasn”t the least bit uncomfortable. There was absolutely no pain, and I slept like a baby!

  346. Tat (verified owner)

    I made a great choice buying this, so should you

  347. Tina (verified owner)

    Love it. Helps us fall asleep faster, and more restful sleep as well.

  348. Cynthia Vautrot (verified owner)

    This wedge is much more comfortable than I could have imagined. In fact, I loved it so much that I purchased two more. It seems great quality so far! I finally have a restful and good night’s sleep!

  349. Shana (verified owner)

    Great quality, lil hard to get comfortable on this wedge until I added my pillow on top. This product is extremely well made and has a lot of extra cushion! Highly recommend

  350. Gachaman (verified owner)

    Soft. The lower part of the upper body sinks. So, cannot use it long hours. But, it is useful for resting after a meal. However, I don’t feel like sleeping unless I sleep on a flat surface, so I can’t use it all night. Helpful for Sleep Apnea.

  351. KV (verified owner)

    It is too high for me but the softness comfort of it is the best I’ve usedI will use it for sitting up in bed to watch tv. It would be best for back sleepers. I am a side sleeper. Very Good product!

  352. MED (verified owner)

    yes, it is good

  353. Daisey107 (verified owner)

    My dr recommended a wedge pillow for my medical issues and I found it soft and comfortable he was right! It”s great medically and so comfortable.

  354. Ryan Kaye (verified owner)

    Ive used the wedge for a few days and it has definitely helped me with acid reflux. I was a little worried that the incline would be too much, but its very comfortable and helps me get a night of quality sleep.

  355. J. Friend (verified owner)

    I purchased this pillow to help reduce my snoring. I have a sleep app that records my sleep and my snoring is unchanged. However, the pillow is pretty comfortable so I’ll probably still use it unless I keep sliding down the incline.

  356. sharon (verified owner)

    Love this wedge pillow

  357. Kindle Customer (verified owner)

    I wanted to try this as I’ve been having trouble with my sciatic back pain as well as issues breathing due to allergies. I have to use a CPap machine, so any breathing issues are even more troubling. The pillow itself appears to be very nicely made and of good quality. The cover that protects the pillow foam is very nice as well. if you order this go ahead and order the pillowcase that goes with it. I didn’t, and now I have to wait for the pillowcase to arrive. The pillow did the job for me on the first night. I was able to breathe freely with no congestion and I had no post nasal drip either. In the morning, my back was almost pain free, and was totally pain free after being up for about 15 minutes. I haven’t slept so well in a long time. Give this a try it might work for you also. To me, it’s worth every cent I spent for it. Go online once you get it to resister the pillow and also extend the warranty. This was a good choice. Oh, one more thing. The lower edge of the pillow narrows to about nothing so you have no problem with it dropping off. The edge blends right into the bed so there’s no transition. It’s very comfortable.

  358. Swd (verified owner)


  359. Arlene McCauley (verified owner)

    Great pilllow, using with CPAP, comfortable and improved my sleep quality

  360. magicchef (verified owner)

    This wedge pillow is exactly as advertised. Unpacked, it expanded to perfectly full shape in 15 minutes. It is soft and comfortable. I use a pillow length wised-top to bottom-for more comfort. It helps lessen lower back pain and with indigestion. I am very happy with this pillow.

  361. FooFighter (verified owner)

    Last night was the first time I slept on it. I swear I slept like the dead, didn’t even get up for one of my usual bathroom runs. I wear a Fitbit that monitors my sleep and I am always in the ‘fair’ grade because I am so restless. Even though I only slept 4.5 hours (had to get up at 5am) I had a ‘good’ sleep score of 80 because I had more deep sleep and less restlessness.Can’t believe I didn’t even have to get used to it first.

  362. jake (verified owner)

    nice pillow

  363. Cathy (verified owner)

    it seemed impossible to stay in position and not slide down the wedge

  364. rl (verified owner)

    I tried a cheaper wedge and regreted it. Bought this one and it is a game changer. It really does work.

  365. lkm photo bug (verified owner)

    Couldn’t snuggle up to hubby, did help reflux but at the expense of a sore neck and back.

  366. Simone Michel (verified owner)

    The following pillow is easy assemble and you will definitely get the necessary great sleep. It does alleviate certain pains. Especially, from to many pillows and bad sleeping posture. You are able to wake up with some clearness for the start of your day. It is very comfortable and a great size for a full sized bed.

  367. Dorothy J. (verified owner)

    Too big for couch or bed!!

  368. Liz (verified owner)

    It was too high for me as a side sleeper. But excellent quality.

  369. Laurie J (verified owner)

    I love this wedge! It”s a perfect height and super comfortable! Very easy to fall asleep

  370. Alison (verified owner)

    I bought this pillow for angina/acid reflux and also sleep apnea. I have very mild sleep apnea and my husband said I stopped snoring since I got this pillow. Win!The memory foam is wonderful because I’m a side sleeper and I wasn’t sure I would like this. It did take a few nights to get used to. It would be great for anyone who is a back sleeper.I do wish it came with some kind of neck pillow. I use a small travel pillow with this pillow to support my neck. It’s fairly comfortable without it, but if you have any kind of neck pain, you might want/need some kind of neck support.My other beef – replacement pillow covers are expensive! I just wrap it in a towel.

  371. MB (verified owner)

    No one sleeps on a wedge by choice, but if you have issues like me, snoring, acid reflux, it is the only way to get a good noghts sleep. This wedge is the best the rest have at best 1″ of memory ofam it has 3.25″. No wonder it wins hands down.

  372. Rose (verified owner)

    takes some getting used to

  373. collin (verified owner)

    My Sleepnitez pillow is very comfortable. I did not know what to expect when I ordered this pillow. I have had acid reflux for many years but it never bothered me during the night but after experiencing it serveral times recently decided to try a wedge pillow. I have now used it for three nights and I believe this will take care of my problem. This pillow is very soft and comfortable,

  374. RD (verified owner)

    now I can sleep

  375. Cory (verified owner)

    My husband snores. So, we both hope this helps. It really is nice and soft. We will need to buy a cover for it. It does take some getting used to as we are all used to sleeping on pillows.

  376. Marina St (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with my order, fast delivery. Great quality and very comfortable, didn”t even want lift my head from it! Highly recommend.

  377. conservative (verified owner)

    This, along with a mouth piece, has stopped my spouse’s snoring dilemma. We are now getting sleep. Never would’ve thought relief would come through this wedge pillow!!

  378. Mary S. (verified owner)

    Bought this for after surgery. Firm but very comfortable. Opens up to full size with no smell. Since I can not lay flat on my back this has truly helped me to sleep following my surgery. Great product.

  379. Sharon26 (verified owner)

    I bought this wedge pillow to help with my snoring. And it worked! It’s been a few weeks now, and my girlfriend has been able to sleep soundly since.I tried one other wedge pillow before buying this one, and the previous one was way too high (I think 12″) and too firm for me to sleep comfortably on my side. The height on this one is just right for me, and the thicker memory foam makes it comfortable for me to sleep on. Only issue I had was for the first few days: I’d wake up completely whenever I needed to roll over. But after the third or fourth day, I got used to it and have been able to just roll in my sleep again.The only thing I’d caution: the memory foam being as soft as it is might not give as much support if you sleep on your back. But if you’re a side sleeper like I am, go for it!

  380. BAVI (verified owner)

    I was never sure why i woke so many times in the night but using this wedge pillow seems to have solved most of the problem! And this result occurred from the first night I used it.It has no chemical odor either …

  381. Leslie (verified owner)

    After reading many reviews here which talked about help with GERD, snoring, and sleeping in general, I purchased this pillow. I had no trouble adapting to it as I’ve been using a couple of stacked pillows for years, and this wedge pillow turned out to be about the same height and angle as what I’ve been doing. Several reviewers mentioned putting a flat pillow on top, so I did that, primarily to protect the pillow’s cover since there aren’t any good options for a pillowcase.I know I snore when I sleep on my back, but I usually sleep on my side. Sometimes the cat will wake me up, and I have wondered if it’s because I’m snoring. I do suffer from acid reflux, so that’s the main reason I wanted this pillow. As it turns out, the size and angle of this pillow offers no more relief from that problem than my 2 stacked pillows did. I even made a point of eating later in the evening to see if this pillow worked, and I was miserable. And, the cat has awakened me a couple of times, so if I snore, I’m still snoring.Since, as others have said, you could never get this back into its box for a return, I’ll keep it. The one benefit to this rather than stacking pillows is that it stays in one spot, whereas the bottom stacked pillow could sometimes slip down between the mattress and headboard.After using this for nearly a week, I have not noticed any difference in my sleep. I’m giving the pillow 4 stars because it is a pillow, which is what it is sold to be. The fact that its miracle work didn’t work on me and my body and my issues may not be the pillow’s fault.

  382. Disney Fan (verified owner)

    Soft and comfy……..Literally the thin and of the wedge. This wedge comes to a tapered thin end no hump or bump to dig into your back!

  383. pen (verified owner)

    It helps solve a problem.

  384. Good gal (verified owner)

    Was more like 10′ wedge when it arrived and very hard. Put under mattress so much more bearable. Too early to say whether it’s helping with my acid reflux.

  385. BuciumeanaBuciumeana (verified owner)

    Comfortable wedge, and a good size that lets you position yourself higher or lower on the cushion as needed. If you sleep on your side, it’s more comfortable to be down lower on the wedge so your arm doesn’t hang off an 8″ cliff. I had a few uncomfortable nights getting used to the new sleeping position, and I’m still looking for the right head pillow to go with the wedge (you’ll need one to support your neck). It has helped with acid reflux, not so much with snoring when I’m on my back. I added a photo to show that yes, you can make the bed with the wedge in it (it’s on the left side looking from the foot of the bed). This is a double/full bed. It may not look like something out of House Beautiful, but I think it’s fine. I did buy the separate cotton pillowcase from the company’s website, and received a discount.

  386. JS (verified owner)

    I”m very picky about my pillows. But since I have GERD I knew I should get a wedge pillow to help with my condition. I was so very happy to find this pillow. It is very comfortable and helpful for GERD and other conditions.

  387. selfish (verified owner)

    I bought this pillow when I found out I had reflux esophagus and the information I read said to elevate the head with a wedge pillow. I bought the Sleepnitez Bed Wedge Pillow and I love it. I have been using it almost a year now and my esophageal reflux is much better. The Sleepnitez consumer care staff are very helpful and answer questions in a timely fashion. I had many wedge pillows to select from, and I am glad I purchased this one. Barbara Hart

  388. BRENDA (verified owner)

    Great pillow wedge. It really helped my husbands neck. He’s a truck driver and lays down to watch tv at night. The wedge works perfect. The pillow came right on time and wasn’t over priced. I would for sure order it again

  389. Wanda Kudaj (verified owner)

    I like my pillow.

  390. Alanna m. johnsonAlanna m. johnson (verified owner)

    I was not sure if I could sleep comfortably on one of these because I have tried the hard foam ones years ago but I needed to find one for my acid reflux. It took awhile for me to adjust to it and had a several restless nights but now I really like it. I am a side sleeper but now I’m also comfortable sleeping on my back and my hubby says I do it quietly. So no snoring. I did purchase the pillow cover afterwards.. when the package arrives, it has a coupon for the cover inside. It fit well and is nice. I would purchase it again if needed.

  391. Gregg A Schulz (verified owner)

    Helped with health issues

  392. virgil r davis (verified owner)

    prompt service good product and price

  393. Lori M (verified owner)

    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have struggled to get comfortable to be able to sleep for years. I saw this and figured I had nothing to lose, no way it could make it worse. I am a side sleeper. The slope of the wedge allows a space for my shoulder without pressure. I am sleeping better than I have in a very long time. I highly recommend this product!! Wish I had found it sooner!

  394. Mary K. (verified owner)

    This pillow wedge was well made and had no orders of chemicals. Needed to raise my head after hip surgery so was a blessing when I found this!!Highly recommend this product!!!😊

  395. A’s # 16 (verified owner)

    My wife suffers from acid reflux, and she loves it. Enough said. 💤💤💤😍

  396. Wally (verified owner)

    Since purchasing this product, I am sleeping much better. I had an injury to my thoracic spine that wouldn’t allow me to lay flat without being in severe of pain. During my most painful period, I had severe heart burn on top of everything else and I think this wedge has solved that issue without taking drugs. PT probably helped too with all of this too. The wedge helped with periodic sleep apnea as well. I sound like a mess but I’m so much better. I like how the memory foam tapers off at the bottom. The 3″ of memory foam makes it very comfortable and easy to sleep on. The only problem I have is that I slide down during the night and end up with just a slight lift so I have to work my way back up. I imagine it would be the same for any wedge on the market. Once out of the packaging, it filled out very quickly, maybe 45 minutes? It had no odor that I could detect but I did wash the cover since I was going to put my face on it. I would like to find a pillow case y to fit this size so I didn’t have wash the cover so often but so far with careful washing it is holding up well. It’s duffy and soft.

  397. Gima (verified owner)

    It took me a full 7 days to get a good night sleep, and almost returned it. Glad I gave it a chance. I reviewed all the comments and finally figured it out. I’m a side sleeper; used a flat pillow on top of the wedge horizontally and put part of it under my neck for support. Used my own fluffy pillow for front side support. It keeps me in place from sliding down and I like the design; an abrupt bottom wouldn’t be comfortable at all. I can finally sleep and think it’s helping my GERD and snoring. I don’t want to take meds or use bed risers so this is a good compromise. I just ordered the sleep cover directly from Sleepnitez with a 20% off discount code. I’m in.

  398. Mary Lou Hicks (verified owner)

    My doctor advised a wedge pillow for my acid reflux and after much searching I was delighted to find this particular wedge. It’s an inch longer and wider than the average which makes it ample, but the most important thing was the 3 1/4 inches of Memory Foam which makes it very comfortable. Some of them advertised 1 inch of Memory Foam, that just wasn’t enough, and on the other hand, I did not want 100% Memory Foam, so this one fit my needs. Another feature is the way it tapers down to a very thin layer so there is no lump at the bottom when laying on it. I am very pleased and happy with this wedge.

  399. Nancy Bradfield (verified owner)

    Wasn”t sure I”d like sleeping on a wedge pillow, but this is awesome. I”ve only used it for 2 nights but it”s benefits are apparent already.

  400. JRH (verified owner)

    I got this product because of acid reflux from a hiatal hernia. It is so comfortable to sleep on!!!!! It is worth every penny I paid for it. Don’t substitute quality for a cheaper version of this.

  401. PT (verified owner)

    This allowed for great sleep at just the right angle. Extremely comfortable and the perfect height for a great night sleep.

  402. Sheila R. Peto (verified owner)

    I had a craniotomy and had to sleep with my head at a 30 degree angle for the first 6 weeks. I also put my pillow on because I don”t think it would be comfortable without it. No matter, I love it. My sutras 10 weeks ago and I am still using it. It”s also good for my acid reflux and nasal swelling.

  403. Herbert B. (verified owner)

    The pillow is great for my GERD relief.

  404. Robert (verified owner)

    I was a little apprehensive in the decision to purchase this wedge because some of the reviews complain about the wedge not taking shape, but I needed one and this wedge fit the profile so I took a chance. I couldn”t be happier. I left it on the floor overnight to let it completely expand and when I woke the next day, it shaped up perfectly and completely. I don”t slide off much like others mentioned, I can sleep on my side if I get in the right position to avoid spinal ache. I can adjust the height of my head and neck by sleeping lower down on the wedge. The wedge is soft and comfortable making for a good nights sleep. So far, I have not had any issues with this wedge and I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from acid reflux, my reason for the purchase.

  405. Pamela B. (verified owner)

    Because we did not have a recliner ( as was suggested by medical professionals) to use after shoulder replacement surgery, I looked at many wedges and settled on this one. One review I read said that this wedge did not hurt his back. Another reviewer said that the body is well supported but comfy. I was looking for these things, so I bought the wedge. It was a good purchase.

  406. amanda (verified owner)

    I needed something to keep me elevated while I sleep so my airway doesn’t collapse. This was a quick cheaper than an adjustable bed option that works. I wish it came with a pillow case to take off and wash is my only complaint. I’ve slept with it every night for a month and do not have the raging headaches I was waking up with.

  407. Leo Lady (verified owner)

    I adjusted to the wedge pillow more easily than I thought. It was absolutely needed for the very painful GI problems I’ve had. I did not buy the pillowcase because I can wash the cover and can make a pillow case to fit it from fabric I have. Worth the money.

  408. WET (verified owner)

    This pillow does the trick for my acid reflux and gives me a comfortable night’s sleep, to boot!

  409. Sue (verified owner)

    This wedge pillow has helped me to discontinue taking omeprazole for heartburn. I sleep on it with my regular pillow, either on my side or my back. It works great!

  410. molly’s mom (verified owner)

    The wedge expanded into shape in a few hours. I’m happy with the dimensions and incline. You will need something to support your neck – I don’t really consider this a pillow. Using a regular pillow on top is uncomfortable so I had to roll a towel to provide some support. Besides the pillow cover I’m not sure what type of pillow case would even work because of the size. It’s only been about a week but I’m happy with the purchase.

  411. DDee (verified owner)

    I did not realize how comfortable having me head elevated could be. Now that my surgery is healed : I don”t really need this , but I”m so comfortable and sleep much better. This is the perfect wedge.

  412. Laurie R (verified owner)

    stopped snoring

  413. Chris (verified owner)

    I purchased for 2 reasons. 1- acid reflux 2- Ive been sleeping on several pillows and it was creating neck and arm pain. This pretty much solved everything in 2 days… Amazing!!

  414. Shona Best (verified owner)

    I was recommended this pillow by a nurse friend for my husband after his very extensive back surgery. He said this pillow is perfect support. It”s very comfortable. It”s exactly what he needed. But everyone is different so. I laid on it too. It”s very comfortable.

  415. ECTB (verified owner)

    works for sleeping on back or side. Love it

  416. Jim M. (verified owner)

    It was only received two days ago.

  417. yvonne (verified owner)

    I just had a surgery on my back and this pillow has saved me. It”s not so soft nor so hard just enough. The shape has helped my back too because you don”t feel were the pillow end and the bed starts. I recommend this pillow a lot!

  418. Greenb4greenwascool (verified owner)

    I love the soft memory foam topper and pillow cover which makes this wedge so comfortable. The majority of wedge is sturdy foam for support but with the soft memory foam on top, this is an excellent design.I sleep warm but this pillow and soft cover did not generate more heat while laying on it. I was happily surprised.Having GERD, this wedge has given me comfort and relief. It is wide enough for my size and the tapering end blends into mattress without a dropoff for ultimate comfort. Unfortunately, I need more elevation for my GERD, so I just place a pillow underneath this wedge which raises me to the height I need to sleep at night. This is an easier fix and more comfortable than what I was doing before; I used multiple pillows or turned my armrest pillow upside down. Thanks for your attention to comfy design details most notably memory foam topper, soft cover and disappearing bottom edge. I HIGHLY recommend this pillow for GERD sufferers.

  419. LS (verified owner)

    I was so excited to receive my wedge pillow to help with LPR and snoring. I found it to be the right combination of cushion and firmness. I know others were concerned about its lack of included pillow case, but the lovely zip off cover washed up well and went back on easily. My sheets are deep enough that I was able to slide it under the fitted sheet or under the mattress topper which covers it nicely and prevents concern over a separate pillow case. I tried it both ways without difficulty. I also tried it with and without an additional pillow (helpful when side sleeping.) I had a question for Customer Service and they were quick to respond and incredibly helpful. It was very easy to work with Sleepnitez Support Team. Unfortunately, I have back issues and found the angle to be too steep to wake up without additional pain, but it did prevent issues with reflux and snoring. If I could get this in a 4-5” version I think it would be perfect for me!

  420. Vin (verified owner)

    This isn”t hard or stiff like other ones

  421. Koschei23 (verified owner)

    Purchased this 8″ wedge pillow from Sleepnitez after recent neck surgery. It has been very helpful to allow me to rest and get some real sleep despite my neck pain! The memory foam works very well, and adds additional support and structure for my neck. I am very impressed with this wedge pillow and am very happy that I purchased it! It has done a lot for me in my recovery. I highly recommend it! Thank you!

  422. MK (verified owner)

    As a side sleeper, my other wedge was always causing me to wak up with side pain. This wedge pillow melts into the bed and I don’tget the side pain any more!

  423. PC Orangeville (verified owner)

    Helped reduce my insomia, breathing issues.

  424. Kevin McDonald (verified owner)

    This pillow supports her back very well and is really good quality. I would recommend and buy again. Fast shipping very well packaged easy transaction item is as described.

  425. Diane I. (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my husband who just had open heart surgery. It allowed him to sleep more comfortably and reduced his snoring which allowed him to get deeper sleep and more rest for healing. After 2 months he’s still using it every night.

  426. Kathy (verified owner)

    I’ve snored all my life so I bought this pillow to see if it would help my snoring before I went through costly sleep studies and it has. It took less than the 24-48 hours to form its shape from the vacuum sealed package but I still waited 24 hours just to make sure. It does feel different sleeping at an angle but I have gotten used to it and I also use a smaller more squishy pillow with it. I haven’t had a problem with body heat with the memory foam and at my age night sweat is a problem. My spouse noticed the silence of my sleeping so it’s working so far after three nights.

  427. Tom (verified owner)

    The pillow came as advertised. It seems the negative reviews are related to people’s personal problems not the pillow. If you have GERD you need to put your hip at or just off the bottom of the pillow in order to get the benefit of the slope. The stomach is in the middle of your rib cage not as low as the illustration shows it.

  428. John C. (verified owner)

    I bought this because of the reviews claiming this product was softer than others being sold. It was hard as a rock. I layed down on it for 10 seconds and immediately got back pain. I am still utilizing it by putting two pillows on top in order to make it softer and easier on my back. The packaging was really small and convenient and a lot less easier to maneuver than the huge box I recieved for a different wedge I ordered a couple years ago. Pillow case was not included, although discription said it would be.

  429. Joan (verified owner)

    Pillow arrived promptly as promised. Even though it came in a very small box, the pillow fully opened for use within two hours. It truly does not have any chemical odor at all. It’s very supportive, just right for my problems with silent reflux and sinus drainage. I sleep on my back and both sides and every position is very comfortable. I especially like the cover that came installed on the pillow. It has a nice texture that keeps it cool and prevents my body and special neck pillow from slipping down during the night. I’m extremely satisfied with my new slant pillow!!

  430. lucas (verified owner)

    Ye. This does relieve acid reflux and snoring

  431. Bobbie Haenchen (verified owner)

    It is like being in the hospital bed when raised

  432. Cale (verified owner)

    The slight incline to elevate the body is just right for me. Unrolled the wedge out of the box and it was ready for use shortly thereafter. I used my pillow along with the wedge. It fulfilled my needs and provided the comfort that I was looking for. Give it a try. It”s reasonably priced.

  433. Luanne (verified owner)

    This pillow is great for anyone who is having GERD or any other medical issues with stomach, neck, etc.. The only downfall is I wish it came with a case so I could travel with it.

  434. Brendan (verified owner)

    Good quality for the money; works well for elevated sleep

  435. Peewee (verified owner)

    Then pillow came wrapped very well. Did not take long to fully open.Made well, very firm not soft like most people have said. I would have liked it to be softer then it is, so I use a soft pillow to sleep with it.I like the legnth and width compared to my other pillow. Will have to write again after I sleep with it longer. Just got it but wanted to share my first impression.

  436. WSE (verified owner)

    Tjis is th best wedge pillow. Belive me I have tried most of the others.

  437. Ruth S. (verified owner)

    The Sleepnitez 8″ Bed Wedge Pillow for Acid Reflux is wonderful!! I sleep so much better on it than I was sleeping before! It’s pretty amazing

  438. LS (verified owner)

    I suffer from occasional reflux and this elevation seems to help with that. Comfortable enough for me sleeping on my side. When I”mOn my back it doesn”t make meFeel like I”m sleeping sitting up.

  439. Christine (verified owner)

    Me-Did not help relieve shoulder or arm pain. Slid down slant so kept waking up and readjusting.My husband- Slid down slant so kept waking up and readjusting. Did help with not snoring so much when at the top of the pillow.

  440. M. (verified owner)

    This is a nicely sized wedge, and the foam works well. Some wedge pillows are longer so if you’re shorter, they can be too long. Helps reduce acid reflux.

  441. Sara (verified owner)

    thank you!!!! I was taking three bottles of antiacids per month.. I can”t believe, Reflux is gone! My esophagus doesn”t hurt! I also thank my daughter for finding this pillow , she knew my sleepless nights ❤️❤️❤️

  442. charlotte galvin (verified owner)

    I looked through a lot of reviews for a lot of wedge pillows. This is soft holds its shape and I don’t slide down during the night.

  443. Embo (verified owner)

    I had a hard time finding the right wedge — one that was high enough to provide relief from my post-nasal issues but not so high I was uncomfortable, etc. After trying a clunky 10-inch one, I bought a 7.5 inch one that was a good height — but was poorly constructed and also completely missing the memory foam layer it was described as having. Finally tried this Sleepnitez one and it is PERFECT. It does indeed have nearly 4 inches of memory foam as advertised, which makes this wedge a dream for side sleepers like me: There is plenty of support to keep me elevated, but enough “give” to smooth out the pressure my shoulders, elbows, and hips create. The wedge also tapers down to almost nothing, so that you don”t feel any edge when you are lying on top of it.Nothing seems to stop my post-nasal drip, but at least with this wedge my sleep is sounder and of longer durations. I love this wedge so much that I am already thinking to buy another one as backup / just in case. Dear Sleepnitez: Never stop making this excellent product!

  444. Al Harding (verified owner)

    Product looks great and works just as advertised. Fantastic followup by seller!

  445. Reyes36jr (verified owner)

    So I bought it because I had really bad shoulder pain , I”m a heavy guy at almost 300lbs so I”m sure that has something to do with pain sleeping on my side …. This definitely helps with easing the pain . I also suffer from acid reflux , so it”s a double win because I have slept a lot better since I have purchased it .

  446. RH (verified owner)

    I bought this wedge for my mom and she loves it says it”s so soft comfortable and supports her well I definitely recommend and I am considering buying one for myself

  447. Sam (verified owner)

    I like the product. Helps with acid reflux. Neck feels better. Could have a little more padding.I would like for it to have come with another case too.

  448. DGF (verified owner)

    This is a great pillow. I think for a back sleeper you would like it right away. I am a side sleeper so still trying to find the best position to sleep in. Will continue to use until I figure it out. I doubt if you would find a better made wedge pillow

  449. Medarisa (verified owner)

    My doctor recommended a pillow like this. I was initially very impressed with it, even though it took several nights for me to feel comfortable sleeping with it. Unfortunately, I developed a painful area on my left side. I don’t blame the pillow at all, but the pain stopped as soon as I stopped using it. In the future I will raise the head of the bed so that the rise is more gradual. I bought this pillow hoping it would solve my problem, but even this long wedge was too much for me.

  450. Tiffany Ballesteros (verified owner)

    I have an adjustable bed at home so am used to elevating my head when sleeping. I was going on vacation and didn’t think I would sleep well on a flat bed so bought this. It was great and I slept well! Only negative is that if you are taking elsewhere, like I did, it is a little difficult to get folded and brought back home in a suitcase!

  451. OD (verified owner)

    What can I say. It is a wedge pillow. It is well made. It works.

  452. alm711 (verified owner)

    I wanted to like this wedge but the angle was a bit too sleep and the foam too firm.

  453. C. Fellows (verified owner)

    I’ve been sleeping on this wedge pillow for 2 weeks now, and have come to really like it a lot. It seemed too big at first (I’m 5’1″), and I’d slide down during the night, but after following the suggestion to put a small pillow under my legs, that hasn’t been a big problem. I may also have gotten used to the pillow, because I don’t always have the pillow under my legs. I tried a toddler memory foam pillow for my head, but it was too firm, so I used a rather flat $5 pillow from Target that we already had, and it works beautifully. Sometimes I take that pillow off during the night, and just rest my head on the wedge. I bought the bamboo pillow case and it works great! I do wish the pillow was less bulky, but it works overall.

  454. Sookie (verified owner)

    It’s taking a long time to get used to sleeping on an incline but I haven’t had an acid reflux attack since using it.

  455. EnJay (verified owner)

    I purchased this wedge pillow only because of injury to shoulder and having to sleep on my back. Usually a side sleeper but recently partially tore rotator cuff.Was initially skeptical when I saw how shallow the apex of this pillow was. However, this part fits nicely under my back and I can utilize the rest of the pillow being only 5′ 4″ tall. No odd scents to air out. Fluffed up in few hours.Took off one star due to a little sliding down during the night and could do with a little better elevation. Also would have been nice NOT to have the Sleepnitez logo all over the pillow case and for the pillow case to have been white or cream rather than this strange off-white hue. I originally needed to use a soft shallow toddler pillow as rather firm for the head than I am used to, but now don’t need it.

  456. Sandi Martin (verified owner)

    This was just what we were looking for. My husband has reflux so cannot lay flat. We tried the blowup wedges, but there was no give so he did not like that one. We tried this one and he loves it. Have to get a second one for traveling and motorhome.

  457. mary g (verified owner)

    Fabulous product! High quality materials and the size and angle is perfect. I made the right decision!

  458. NHteachah (verified owner)

    This wedge pillow is well made. The most it expanded was to 7 inches. I’m a side sleeper and the memory foam is too soft. Also, I found that I slipped to the bottom of the pillow. Not for me, but it was worth a try.

  459. Honey (verified owner)

    Sorted out my acid reflux. No more waking up at night.

  460. Marianne Samora (verified owner)

    Husbands snoring is not as loud .He sleeps better, has less pain in shoulders.Wish this came with a pillow case to fit !

  461. nat (verified owner)


  462. Debbie (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my client when we had COVID last year. She is eighty years old. It is the perfect inclination for her and served her well.

  463. Carol Tice (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband after reading the reviews. He likes it and it has helped his back and shoulder pain. He sleeps on his side and on his back just fine with this.

  464. garnert (verified owner)

    Love these pillows. Bought 2 and put them under the mattress to elevate. I have not heard my husband snore (and he did like a freight train) since we put them to use. Also use to assist with sinus/allergy and gerd issues. A must buy if you are dealing with any of these ailments. Well worth the $$$ spend.

  465. happy sewing (verified owner)

    Gave my husband a lot of support. Perfect angle.

  466. Jason (verified owner)

    It’s too sloping, it’s hard to sleep.

  467. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great quality pillow. Provides great support for a good night sleep.

  468. Maria Reyes (verified owner)

    Liked the quality. Comfortable and has good support. Elevation help with GERD! Recommend this pillow.

  469. Teal (verified owner)

    I received my pillow one day early. It took about 24 hrs to fully expand, and I didn’t notice any unpleasant odors. It is super comfortable and I had no trouble adjusting to sleeping on it. I use a somewhat flat pillow under my head. I don’t find myself sliding down the pillow too much during the night. I especially like how it tapers down gradually at the bottom of the pillow. If you are looking for a wedge pillow, I highly recommend this one.

  470. Mari (verified owner)

    support to ease the acid reflex flow away from my upper chest and sinuses

  471. PLJ (verified owner)

    It took about 36 hours to reach full size. I would buy it again.

  472. Robert Bidlack (verified owner)

    Well it did take a minute to get used to it, I believe having this has had a positive affect on my gerd and gastritis. I love that it has a real memory foam not some nonsense. If you”re on the fence about the price tag buy it!My only beef is if you wanna pillow cover it it cost like 20 bucks which is a little bit excessive for a pillow cover.

  473. K. Van Meer (verified owner)

    This product is good quality. The problem my husband had was he woke up with back, neck, and shoulder pain. You need to be able to sleep on your back all night in order for this wedge to work.

  474. John (verified owner)

    Happy with it

  475. RA (verified owner)

    Breathe easier and helps with heartburn!

  476. Janis Fraser (verified owner)

    This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I was using 3 or 4 pillows at night to elevate my head and shoulders due to acid reflux. I saw this wedge pillow on a Facebook and decided to buy it, so glad I did! If you have acid reflux and are seeking relief, buy yourself this pillow, you will be glad you did👍 My son has trouble sleeping at night from reflux also and I think I will get one and have it sent to him for his birthday.

  477. Martin Hanai (verified owner)

    I should have bought this many years ago.I bought a different one at Costco that I returned.This one is super comfortable.Will need to figure out on how to take this on trips.

  478. Len (verified owner)

    Didn’t expect it to be so comfortable. I can sleep on my side as well as on my back. I love it.

  479. Clawdine (verified owner)

    I love this wedge. I was a bit worried after a previous experience with a cheap wedge, but I slept like I was on a cloud the very first night! It’s been wonderful!

  480. N. Weinfeld (verified owner)

    I just purchased my second of these wonderful pillows, the second being for our second home abroad. I was skeptical, I must admit, as the sleep angle didn’t appear to be all that comfortable looking, but the concept was recommended by my endoscopist so I tried this one and couldn’t be more pleased. Most highly recommended!

  481. Gayla Brashears (verified owner)

    I”m not the one using it. Hubby seems to sleep better and breathe better when using it.

  482. Pumba118 (verified owner)

    It takes a minute to break this pillow in, but once you do it is amazing for those of us with acid reflux diseases.

  483. julquik (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my Sleepnitez 8” bed wedge! Top quality in every way. I”m primarily a side sleeper. Helps me to fall asleep more quickly, helps me to breathe MUCH easier, help with sleep apnea, and no acid refluxe. It has even helped my back and leg issues because of the proper alignment of my entire spine. It”s so very comfortable that I don”t think so even change positions during the night. Try it, you won”t go wrong with this purchase! Sleepnites deserves many more than 5*s. My only regret is that the order did not include a slip-on type pillow case for ease of removal for laundering.

  484. isobel rich neuberger (verified owner)

    The pillow was highly recommended by a friend, but unfortunately, didn’t work for me. Too big, too clunky, and difficult to sleep on my side, although this was not a problem for some reviewers. The only way to know if it’s for you is to try it.

  485. doodle (verified owner)

    very happy

  486. rgl (verified owner)

    snoring be gone

  487. Deborah StoneDeborah Stone (verified owner)

    The media could not be loaded.  I like my new pillow. It only took about 16 hours to get to regular size. It was ready by night time. I opened it up early. I was worried at first because there was a big dent in it but it filled out and looks and feels great. Last night was the first time I used it but all is well. I slept good and I got up late.

  488. Madhu C. (verified owner)

    This pillow is amazingly helpful! I have able to sleep uninterrupted so needless to say, I recommend this to anyone who has issues with heartburn or acid reflex.

  489. Bmark (verified owner)

    The wedge pillow is perfect! No heartburn! No coughing! Comfortable both side sleeping and back. It took a couple nights to get used to the raised pillow for side sleeping, but now it”s like I”ve always slept this way. I use my regular pillow with it, just like I would if I had an adjustable bed frame that raised my head.

  490. Kyle (verified owner)

    Very good

  491. CC (verified owner)

    Good quality and comfort

  492. erika (verified owner)

    I was using a wedge pillow from that home good store that starts with a B up until recently, when it lost all support on the lower half of the pillow. I was thinking all wedge pillows were hard and stuff and uncomfortable until I bought this Sleepnitez one as a replacement.It is so comfy! I’m in shock. It came rolled up in a box, as others have mentioned, but started to expand into the correct shape as soon as I removed it from the plastic packaging. A few hours later it was ready for me to sleep on.It doesn’t smell weird or anything like that, it just feels supportive yet not overly firm. So glad I happened to see it mentioned in a review for another product.

  493. Mike OHandley (verified owner)

    Works well for reflux issues, helps me sleep

  494. RLB (verified owner)


  495. Valencia Fox (verified owner)

    Very comfortable to sleep on whether it be my side or back..

  496. elsie (verified owner)

    My husband stopped snoring

  497. virgil r davis (verified owner)

    Get this. The End

  498. Barbara (verified owner)

    Without this pillow, I am miserable with Acid Reflux

  499. Hafedh Al KHAWLANI (verified owner)

    Since I used it, I have had pain in my back, as well as in the neck, and many nightmare nights. It is not medical at all, but it has damages because the back is not flat, but rather a curve, which causes pain in the spine after a long period

  500. Sharon (verified owner)

    Thought I was going to have to have an upper GI test because I had nausea and burning for over a month.. Decided to try this first. It worked. I got the 7-8 inch high one. I did not order an extra cover and should have!4 on pain relief because I have RA and it was not purchased for that.

  501. “writerintheworks” (verified owner)

    Love this pillow. I experience severe gerd at night. I researched pillows and found this one. I love this pillow. I haven”t had a gerd issue since I received this pillow. Good choice.

  502. bullethead (verified owner)

    the product is well made, I am able to sleep better

  503. Redhead (verified owner)

    It is large enough so you can can positions easily. It doesn’t crank the head up at an unnatural angle, but has a gradual slope. It has definitely made a difference in my husband’s quality of sleep. No more coughing all night.

  504. Gina (verified owner)

    I tried this with very low hopes and after just a few nights my sleep tracker is showing minimal snoring, dramatically less than with a regular pillow.

  505. Shore Gal (verified owner)

    This wedge is so comfortable, and exactly what I needed to relieve my nighttime acid reflux. Perfect angle whether on my back or side. Strongly recommend.

  506. BSB (verified owner)

    This is the perfect pillow to tone down snoring.. it really helped a lot!

  507. Teresa (verified owner)

    My sleep quality has definitely improved, I’m not getting up thru the night, actually sleeping

  508. Tyrone Moore (verified owner)

    Product was used to elevate upper body to prevent stomach gases from coming up through the esophagus while sleeping. Pillow did not provide the comfort expected.

  509. Paul Brighton (verified owner)

    It took some getting used to but after a few nights it’s working out great.I appreciate the excellent customer service and how responsive and accountable the company is when I had questions and suggestions about the product. I would buy from them again in a heartbeat, vased on my customer experience.

  510. Sharon Willis (verified owner)

    This wedge is the perfect height and width. I have both a deviated septum and restrictive lung disease and this is wedge allows me to breathe almost normally. 5 stars, recommended.

  511. LM (verified owner)

    This wedge worked for me, I had already rejected 5 others.

  512. BQ (verified owner)

    No problems, customer service deserves a mention

  513. Mine (verified owner)

    Has a VERY nice gradual incline, is firm and really takes no adjustment.

  514. Pia Turner (verified owner)

    Because my husband snore vey loud and I have COPD I was thinking that if we were elevated a bit it would help us sleep better; and I was right. It is a true turn around sleeping on the wedge pillow. My husband stopped snoring and I sleep and breathe much better. You can also sleep on your side. I definitely recommend this pillow to anyone who needs a little elevation even to those who don”t need it. It keeps you cool and you are not sinking into a fluffy pillow sweating. Great product!!!

  515. rocsy taryn (verified owner)

    This pillow is Amazing !!!

  516. Melinda (verified owner)

    It has helped me tremendously!

  517. Carolyn H. (verified owner)

    I’ve had other wedge pillows before. Some just didn’t meet my needs. Wow, this pillow is the best I’ve had. Great slope that practically goes to nothing at the bottom so no big bump digging in your back. I do put my pillow on top & the memory foam is fabulous.

  518. Tiffany Duncan (verified owner)

    Use this to help with sleep apnea. Seems to work, as I don”t snore as much per my partner. Comfortable

  519. GLENN T (verified owner)


  520. William Mawhorter (verified owner)

    I know that I don’t sleep well sitting up. I was diagnosed with reflux recently and was recommended to try a wedge pillow. I choose this one because it was a little less of a wedge than the rest. It did keep me cool but I could only sleep on it for about 4 hours at a time, then my back hurt to bad. I did try putting it under my mattress but same problem, still too high for me. I would totally recommend it to someone who can sleep elevated though. My son has an adjustable bed and I have tried to sleep on it when he is at campus and I have to have it barely elevated or I wake up with a sore back, and it isn’t at enough of an angle to ward off the reflux. Will keep trying, not a problem with the product.

  521. Reading Teacher (verified owner)

    This wedge was a last ditch effort to stop the very loud snoring habit I started 2 years ago. Medium to severe Sleep Apnea results EVERY night. Acid reflux started 4 months ago! (I record sleep with ShutEye sleep app). Tried Sleep Apnea machine (hated it), medications, plant-based alternatives, vitamins, meditation, anti-histamine nasal sprays (I thought problem was just stuffy nose every night) drinking more water, sinus meds, nose strips, air filters, cold mist humidifiers and more!!. Sometimes a combination of many. I was tired every morning and had to make myself get out of bed!Vacations in the same room or RV with family or friends was impossible and I REALLY want to travel now that I am retired. Literally the first night I slept elevated on the wedge I had NO snores. That sounds impossible, but honestly that is what happened. My Sleep Apnea is in the non-existant or mild range EVERY night now. It has been two weeks and getting used to not slipping down the pillow (snore again!- use a pillow under knees). No more snores! I never leave reviews, but this was such a miracle for me I wanted to spread the news. Get a wedge if you snore, have acid reflux, or Sleep Apnea!! I hope it will work as well for you as one is doing for me. Good luck.

  522. camille camacho (verified owner)

    This product has helped my husband with his snoring. He still snores, but it isn’t nearly as loud or as often. So, for me, that is a huge win!

  523. EC (verified owner)

    helped after surgery

  524. JB (verified owner)

    Did not meet my expectations.

  525. SWGeek (verified owner)

    Looks durable. Memory foam is a plus. Helps me with acid reflux issues

  526. Jackson (verified owner)

    Uncomfortably large and firm with a genuinely obnoxious incline . Doesn’t really have much utility as a pillow or platform for a pillow. $60 down the tubes and my neck pain is just as bad, thanks sleepnitez

  527. A. Tangredi (verified owner)

    This is replacing a hard as a rock wedge pillow. I have only used it one night but already I’m pleased with it’s creatures: it’s about 2″ longer than regular pillows so I found I didn’t slide down quite as much. The pillow is very thin where it tapers to the narrow end which facilitates less sliding. It’s soft but firm enough to provide support. I’m very pleased.

  528. Cece (verified owner)

    use this pillow for sleeping at night. helps with reflux problem

  529. Karen (verified owner)

    Very comfortable but detect a very slight odor, hoping it will dissipate. It has totally helped with Gerd’s and improved snoring. I am 5’4″ and about 180lbs. I am not top heavy. The pillow is plenty of support. I also use a thin pillow but not sure it is necessary. I sleep on my back. I haven’t tried sleeping on my side. I was worried it might make me hot because of the memory foam But it does not. Nice cover. I will be purchasing a pillow case or make. Wish I had purchased sooner.

  530. Bob T (verified owner)

    This wedge pillow prevents acid reflux for me. I am a 19 year survivor of esophageal cancer caused by acid reflux. If I had this type of head support years ago I would not have had the esophageal cancer.I have purchased other similar wedges in the past for my Summer home, Winter home and Motorhome, but this wedge is far superior and I intend to purchase more to replace the others.

  531. DIANE V. PLEZIA (verified owner)

    This pillow gave me the ability to sleep through the night. It”s very comfortable and resolved my acid reflux problem.

  532. Paul (verified owner)

    Pillow is very comfortable and getting much better night sleep. Plus my spouse sleeps better since this really reduces the amount of snoring for me in the night!

  533. lin (verified owner)

    Baby sleeping head is comfortable

  534. Luella (verified owner)

    Purchased this as my older wedge pillow had broken down. Was very concerned about the support aspect when reading about how soft it is. I have had this almost a year and am very pleased with the support. It hasn’t ‘formed’ into my body shape when I’m not on it or softened, is still flat, ready to form to my support needs.

  535. Col (verified owner)

    Firm support. Helped alleviate discomfort by elevating me when I couldn”t lay flat.

  536. No-Sheep808 (verified owner)

    Bought these to see if they really did what they advertise, and let me tell you… Best sleep we’ve had in years.

  537. z (verified owner)

    Way better because of the thick memory foam, you sink in some which makes sleeping on an angle bearable.

  538. Rob (verified owner)

    The pillow was not to our liking. I noticed the 100% satisfaction guaranty. We corresponded on a Sunday and they said they would process my refund. Outstanding!

  539. Linda Drake Koehling (verified owner)

    He sleeps a little better but it does take getting used to.

  540. lkn52 (verified owner)

    After using just two nights, I decided to return this. It was too hard and didn’t help relieve any leg or back discomfort.

  541. t (verified owner)


  542. Angel (verified owner)

    It”s very comfortable and works well to keep me from snoring

  543. Lars the Forthright (verified owner)

    Got this to try and help two people get a better night’s rest. It has reduced my snoring to a degree and I am breathing easier. The spinal alignment and back pain relief. I’m not there but I’m only one beta test subject. $27 for the cover… really? Tend to slide down it at night… I’ll have to get the SleepEZ Gravity Arrestor when it’s released by Lucid Fallacies Technology later this year.

  544. Raquel P. (verified owner)

    Lo utilizo para mi espalda quedó bien para leer o mirar mi teléfono antes de dormir

  545. t. boone (verified owner)

    Had breathing issues for a long time. Stuffy nasal passages closed down and made breathing difficult. The first night I used the wedge I slept undisturbed and for longer stretches. I”m a side sleeper and have no problem breathing. Happy with the purchase.

  546. mike (verified owner)

    helps reflx

  547. Tom (verified owner)

    Prior to getting this product I was told by my wife I snored every night using just a regular pillow. After using a few pillows to raise my head/neck we found I didn’t snore as much. With that test I decided to get a wedge pillow and picked this one out. My wife says I rarely snore anymore. Only thing I noticed after sleeping is that either I slide down the pillow a little or the pillow slides back from where I originally was laying on it.

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